【CSR2】Venom F5 "Concept" (gold star), shift & tune for 6.936

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【shift pattern】
launch at around 5400rpm, 32mph 2nd, 3rd deep good & Nos, 4th early perfect, 5th deep good, rest early perfect shift


PIuto OooO says:

I got this car randomly when i logged back in from not playing for like a month can someone tell me why

Hussam Hawaii says:

Hey bud i am getting this time using ur shift patt. but i saw 6.928 in the showdown many times !??

Dxrrxw ➊ says:

They gave this car to me as a "support gift" even though i barely play the game anymore

Andrew Le says:

Why did I get this car? I’m so confused

Philip Ross says:

You on super nitrous? Mine only topped out at 277 with stage 4 upgrades

Yosoyturoxs says:

Why does the venom gold version goes all the way to 460 plus while the purple version just to 420ish

tim howe says:

Do you have all the fusion parts?

Super Badlucker says:

fast and easy to drive, this car is awesome

Racing Fox says:

I just got 6.942 tyvm 😎🏁👊

Im an asphalt 8 & 9 player says:

The cobra jet killer

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