【CSR2】Venom F5 "Concept", shift & tune for 6.929

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【shift pattern】
perfect launch, 31mph 2nd, 73mph 3rd, 7200rpm Nos (while in 3rd), rest deep good or early perfect shift


Angela Valencia says:

New hennessey venom f5 CSR2👍👍

DxntGetDrxpped says:

Mine only goes 7.4 and has +2145 max

Isaac Vinson iOS says:

Dude hit me up I’ll sell a account with that car isaacvinson9@gmail.com


That is super hard

Jason Turner says:

Anyone looking for crew season car always top 800 crew trying keep climbing. Crew app a must need 1 player 800k min active crew let me know


Is this the fastest car ?

NigelWigglwattle says:

So I need all stage 5 or all stage 6

Vincent Townsend says:

Is it not at 7200 then 4th or not and 4th at the same time at 7200rpm?

Munsif Rahman says:

I bet Vulcan Will Beat That Car In Live Race If the Vulcan is Fully Maxed Out

陳東杰 says:

R.I.P Tuatara

I Dvorak says:

Is yours max?

Vishaal Singh says:

Best looking car

Brian Mujica says:

Who wants to join my crew ? I have few spots left and need players with dedication. Lmk for more info

FILE NOT FOUND [Error 404] Try Again Later says:

Thanks for upload, though surprisingly slow this time‼️ 😏 😏 😏

Are you ever gonna answer me about why you won’t ADD a slo-mo live or test run, manual launch ON (simulation live) race that shows us what happens when you are NOT using Regulation Race as your standard? You do not have to be polite if you think I’m asking for something foolish, really. You already know I appreciate what you do for all of us. I wish I were half as good as you are but I’m not technically an android like you – no matter what your internal OS (kidding).

A short answer indicating why you think it’s not necessary would – I hope- put my mind at ease. My reasoning is this: many manufacturers’ cars do not react the same way at launch in live racing as they do at start in Regulation Racing (as you always show). In almost every case I see the tachometer drop to the floor and some stay there unless I try some off the wall combo of gear & NOS to get going at all – nothing like what you show,

And the launch button does absolutely nothing. Zilch.

If I ignore it altogether I lose a supposed 3s to 3.8 secs (= real world ~.25s) because the launch was a negative number. Too soon?

Believe me I have tried support. Five different rounds and they have no idea: 1) what I’m talking about or 2) how to respond as human beings or 3) agree there is a problem for some users (over a year ago & again 6 weeks ago for an update). I do not know if this is the reason I need you to show me a “live or simulated live Launch” as opposed to a “Start posing as a launch” if you see what I mean. Or if there truly are cars that will not react live the way you show.

That’s OKAY! I’m not asking you to round your best times down, not at all! All I am hoping you will consider is 1) adding a real world launch (not start) slo-mo video as an educational tool for numbnuts like me. Or 2) some explanation why you think it’s a waste of your time to do even ONE example flagged for me. Ya gotta love my new name right? Grins!

FILE NOT FOUND [Error 404] Try Again Later says:

Lousy investment graphically‼️ Since it’s only a “concept” car, we don’t even get to open ANYthing‼️‼️ Not even raise or lower a spoiler‼️ It’s all about winning, winning, winning‼️ I-I-I AM TAKING MY CAR HOME AND I AM DRIVING IT TO THE DAMN MALL.

Oh wait! NO KEYS‼️ NO CAR‼️ JUST AN F5 CONCEPT! Want to know what that F stands for? Look in the mirror. Lots of F-words in the dictionary of life aren’t there… oh, never mind. I was just, you know, Farting around with this car in the customization mode and NOTHING happened. There’s not even a license plate to customize. Don’t you think that’s Funny? Foolish comes to mind along with bastardized word like e-Femeral.

Zenevo Game says:

New king of 1/2 mile


Is it mod apk u are using

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