🎮 3 minutes de Gameplay Asphalt 9 Legends sur Nintendo Switch avec la Zenvo TS1 ! (Gamescom 2019)

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Asphalt 9 s’ajoutera en octobre à la petite liste des jeux Free To Play sur Nintendo Switch, avec un jeu de course de qualité, mêlant Burnout, Need for speed et plus ! Le fun est immédiat et le jeu est une excellente surprise… Et il sera gratuit !


635574 says:

This is cool for a demo build, all the cars are free to test.

Big Gamer says:

Guys its not fake

Redjet 64 says:

Anyone watching while they download there free pre order on there switch ?

M E says:

Is the game 60 FPS on switch???

Bobomb N64 says:

Can you play this game offline on Nintendo switch?

z a y says:

Is it the full game?

Forest link says:

I feel bad that it's only 1.6gb means few maps and will beat this game 20-30 hours only

Cqllel says:

One SERIOUS question. Do I have to play it in 3rd person? Racing in 3rd person is just retarded. Will there be a driver's pov, hood, or even the bumper?

FoxGaming1647 says:

I'll have to get used to those controls when I play this

Super NFS Kid says:

The next Mario kart!

AHTOH4574 says:

free to play on Nintendo Switch

Jared Cairel Del Mundo says:

I'm about to install this on Switch right now but it will take me for hours

_ Mehdi _ says:

Gameloft is french no ? 🤔

Hagen Hallgard says:

there is still something i want to understand. It looks like the races last too short, only one minute or a couple of minutes, is there a way like some sort of option to make more laps or some other races which take some more time to get finished, like three of four minutes ?? Someone should have the time to feel fully immersed in game and enjoying it.

Tranquility says:

Asphalt 9 is officially coming to switch on October 9th. I hope I can sync my data from android to switch

Kevin NFS says:

Does the switch version have somethig exclusive like cars or something else?

LoxuMan says:

Will it be Pay-to-Win like on mobile? It would be nice to have all the cars from the get-go.

Jhon1479 says:

Une date de sortie ? Pcq sur internet je trouve rien donc ils ont sûrement du vous donner des infos sur place 😉. Sinon le jeu est clean c'est clairement un gros atout free to play pour la switch

Seín2000 says:

When is gonna release 😭😭

Ethan Quirke says:


K3v1n - 1995 says:

am pretty sure this game is gonna be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with 360 & Nitro Shockwave, Maybe?

Daniel Jason says:

Does this game support other types of controllers besides the single Joy-con in local multiplayer?, I'm not a big fan of using a single Joy-con to play

Kaan Inc. says:

Exclusive sim and arcade racer
Arcade: Nintendo switch:Asphalt 9 vs Ps4 pro: driveclub vs xbox one x: Forza horizon 4
sim: Nintendo switch:gear club unlimited 2 vs Ps4 pro: gran turismo sport vs xbox one x: Forza motorsport 7 BOOM the competition is complete 👌

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