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0-210 km/h : Ford Fiesta ST (Motorsport)

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Amazing!!! Watch this https://youtu.be/E8n_jmFg8D4

partikelsmusic says:

Music starts at 170 km/h, everytime.

LBM Turbo says:

77 dislike ? lol this must realy retads 😀

FizuhcuL says:

lmfao my 2007 mazda 3 can do this faster

kasia katja says:

ja myslałam że ST będzie miało automatyczna skrzynie

diobruttoporco says:

I like how practically every famous/professional/popular car magazine/journalist around the world reviews this car as the very best of its market segment (subcompact hot hatches) the most fun to drive, and also the cheapest. But as always youtube is full of self-proclaimed scientists and armchair experts that comment videos like this saying this is a bad, sloooow car. I have a piece of information: you're all massive, massive IDIOTS. Your father should have used a condom back then.

niksarass says:


nasty nick says:

Might be a quick little rocket around town or B roads , and granted you don't get many places to do a sprint from rest upto 200kph but much like the focus with same engine, you get a good 0-100' and seems to be going good upto about 180 kph and the gear change their just bogs you down , as you creep upto 200, I made it about 30seconds , which isn't slow, but not that fast either. Capacity seems to get the better of these little turbo engines,, in a straight shot out drag its quoted to have the 0-100 as my focus ST, but my Focus will reach 200 long before this does 

Johan Serfontein says:

Funny how this fiesta st seems slower than the European version I have. Have done a drag race against a Peugeot 208 gti and  Renault clio RS. Peugeot 208 gti has a shorter 1st and second gear so it keeps up by a nose in front. When I go to third gear I start reeling him in. Not sure why the Fiesta st is so slow in this video…might be the 4 door version.

JnK vdW says:

I would like to see a Drag Race between this ST and the Fiesta 1.6 134 HP from 0-60.  Because i got one with 134 Hp and i don't really see a big differnce between this two from 0 – 60 !
I bet i could keep up with it easily.

Trades46 says:

All for less than $25k USD. That's a bargain for anything that quick.

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