1200hp Audi R8 v 1600hp GT-R v 1100hp McLaren 720S: DRAG RACE

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Thanks to Ricky for lending us his GT-R: @LivingLifeFast
Thanks to Auto Torque for lending us their R8: https://www.instagram.com/autotorque/
Thanks to PPL Tuning for lending us their 720S: https://www.instagram.com/ppltuning/
Check out Racing Driver Sam’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sammaherloughnan/


We’ve got a 1600hp Nissan GT-R going head-to-head with a 1200hp Audi R8 & a 1,100hp McLaren 720S… And trust us, it’s absolutely EPIC!

So let’s run through the stats. First up we’ve got Mat in the GT-R, which would normally have a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6… But it’s had a full engine rebuild and it’s now packing a 4.1-litre twin-turbo V6 which delivers a humungous 1,600hp & 1,500Nm!! It also rolls up with AWD and weighs in at 1,750kg.

Next up we have Auto Torque’s Audi R8. Yianni’s in it, and he’s looking forward to feeling its 5.2-litre NA V10 in action once again! And it’s no surprise, given it delivers 1200hp & 930Nm of torque! It’s also slightly lighter than the GT-R, at 1,650kg.

Then finally we have the 720S. Of course, it’s been tuned, so its 4-litre twin-turbo V8 now delivers 1,100hp and 950Nm. It’s easily the lightest car here, at 1,400kg, but it’s got one big disadvantage – it’s only RWD!

Trust us, this one is NOT to be missed!


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carwow says:

So… Which sounds best? VOTE BELOW!

Michaelr says:

Damn the Nissan GTR just one I got the muck Clarence s1 put the Artie just got behind

Ani maze says:

I like how Yianni is hunched over like he is on a bike to keep the nose down, whilst Matt is just so far back in his seat, he is effectively in the back of the car 😀

Haze says:


Samkelo Magubane says:

That GTR my goodness 😳

IAmJiro says:

Gtr floats now. Neat👌

p nc says:

3 car are coooooool!!!

calum Lambert says:

720s is nicer car

Chamath Sandaruwan says:


Andrea Bonfanti says:

8:53 "let me see ur WAR face" – drill sergeant. hartman


Yanni'nin içinden şeytan çıkıyor adamım süpersin

Broken Heart says:

Gtr annihilating the Audi and McLaren , that's what Japanese beast like.

DeAssassinWolf says:

8.9 and it wasn't on full power 😅😅 gotta love the gtr

Matthew Czupryna says:

The Audi definitely sounds the best

D Hexistentialist says:

It’s nice to see Frank Spencer making a comeback.

Church TM says:

try rockey's GTR

Sian Garcia says:

GT-R: imma end this man whole career
GT-R again: broom broooooooooom

Cr4b says:

Godzilla always wins

Assassin Tha Rebellion says:

GTR all day!!

Abubakar Abdullahi says:

Or is it because you are scared of 1600

Kevin T says:

Just skip to 4:00

J B says:

Imagine building a GTR that can travel at the speed of light lol…insane in the membrane

sTiCkErZ says:

Sam deserves better. Put a camera in his car.

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