1200HP Zenvo TSR-S – Active Aero & BRUTAL Sound!

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Event: Supercar Sunday 2018 (TT Circuit Assen, The Netherlands)

Car: 2018 Zenvo TSR-S
Engine: 5.8 L twin-supercharged V8
Transmission: 7 speed semi-automatic
Power: 1193 hp
Torque: 1100+ nm
Weight: 1495 kg (3296 lbs)
0-100 kmh: 2.8 sec
Top speed: 325 kmh (limited)


Matheus Caiaffa says:

It looks odd. Like pagani and koenisegg does similar but with finesse kkkkkkkk. Although this might be much more efficient

Robert Nilsson says:

ful som stryk,hur mycket av bilens komponenter e built in house

オクタヴィア・フォン・ゼッケンドルフ says:


Flinty! says:

looks like a major distraction for following drivers tbh.

Marko Paquetty says:

looks stupid like the ego of hamilton & alonso

j abalos says:

lambo aventador 2019 performs better with the same function & purpose of spoiler's adaptiveness but without awkward movements that may result in late or miscalculated degrees of aerodynamics

Laura anderson-lombardi says:

That looks broken, but if it works it's epicness squared

May Trix says:

That thing looked like the illigitemate love child between a GTR and a Lambo… and that went out and had an affair with a saucy little Vantage

MCdevilkiller says:

That Agera will eat its ass for breakfast.

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