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PMoLimerick says:

wow the spoiler is so cool!

TheGoobsters says:

More interested in those Koenigseggs and the Rimac

Glenn Lockett says:

Looks fucking shit


Looks like a TSR had a baby with an LFA

Astroranagun says:

real life cyber formula concept

lord definition says:

Just imagine if the gtr had this wing with just 800hp and just a little under 3000lbs ohh god

Zyx says:

For a country with only 1 car manufacture, we make one hell of a car!

med6s says:

Looks like a bunch of understeer

Things and Stuff says:

Doesn't seem to be any faster than the other cars (which have considerably less power) plus that must be distracting at fuck for the other drivers.

Kill all Chinese apes says:

This reminds me of F1 in the 70s. When Brabham brought out the fan car. Constraints, be it motorsport rules in racing, or financial constraints in road cars breeds creativity.

Kill all Chinese apes says:

F1 cars should have wings like that. So watching cars that sound like vacuum cleaners is a little more interesting.

Umaxen 00 says:

Active Aero. These guys deserve a top 10 award. Now if they could sell their idea to VW, BMW and GM? We could save millions of gallons of fuel every year by reducing the "at speed weight' of cars through aerodynamics…

Mangroove Labs says:

So beautiful episode

iamhole says:

the next generation of the zenvo will have an active front spoiler and skirts too.

Matthew Schiebout says:

Anybody notice the Porsche 959 towards the end of the video?

muhammad hafiz says:

looks like deadpool owned this car..

Derek Pokphan says:

Can that spoiler be applied on my Honda?

ColoradoStuff says:

It will catch on 🔥 just like the last one

Aventanario says:

the wing can help in aerodynamics but it's only going to taunt and distract other drivers………. My bet this is the Deadpool of cars

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