1200HP Zenvo TSR-S Going FLATOUT on Track with Active Rear Wing!

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This time I’ve filmed the high performance hypercar from Denmark: the Zenvo TSR-S. The TSR-S is a street legal version of the TSR – hence the ’S’ in the model name. It’s equipped with a 5,8L V8 that’s both supercharged and turbocharged, the peak power output is 1177HP. Result? 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.8 seconds, 0-200 km/h (124 mph) in just 6.8 seconds!

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Gumbal says:

Are you a fan of this Zenvo ?


Czy można chcieć lepiej niż to co w grze

Allen Saunders says:

Wonder what the lap times of the zenvo would be never seen any. How fast is it really

Allen Saunders says:

Wonderful if the wing really helps. It does pivot but looses some structural integrity by doing so

Andrew Dubyk says:

Фланкер Ф ДДкабы ((

Raul Lima says:

Galera um verdadeiro sonho de consumo viu que ronco lindo e olha que é só uma brincadeira viu kkkkkk

Brandon Jimenez says:

I'm Spanish : (

Antonio Jimenez says:


312 xzybit says:

would be nice to see that car actually being pushed not just cruising lol

Octo da Trupa says:

And then this car will never meet asphalt again

Khaliq Bryson says:

What’s the difference between the yellow and blue one..?

Sandu Vali says:

Sandu vali 1

A says:

The rear wing is the most interesting part on this car
Simething you dont see everyday
And also it sounds bad

Orlando says:

Flanker F 💪

Joshua Hayes says:

That active wing bugs me. It doesn't look functional at all. And I feel like this was in an actual race and there was an accident in a turn the wing could get knocked off.

Max Lfb says:

That zenvo doesn’t sound well for a v8 honestly

Mythily Mohanraj says:

Super nice cars 👍👍

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