1300hp TT Cobra vs ZR-1 Corvette

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OK, little bit of false advertising… this insane Cobra put down 1337whp at 30psi, he had it turned down to 740hp at 14psi for these passes, this thing is a MONSTER! It just got finished and they’re working on suspension, tires, etc next to get her to hook up!


Earache // says:

Spins down low and up top

Earache // says:

I wonder what’s up with this car in 2021 🧐

Earache // says:

Damn that shit sounds monstrous

Lavar Clemmons says:

A twin turbo 1300 horsepower mustang that is a beast and it's a Cobra too yeah yeah

Rico Richardson says:

That is a badass Cobra Mustang

Rico Richardson says:

That is a badass Cobra Mustang I liked the sound that is a monster

Cercone Family says:

A true car guy loves any car that can put it down…otherwise you're a brand guy. I've owned a c5 z06, a decently built fdrx7, an Amg Mercedes, BMW 335 tuned, Saab 9-3 aero tuned ( faster than you think) a cammed and nitrous fox body and currently have a 2v mustang with a kenne bell. I loved them all for what they did and their purpose. These guys are car guys. Enjoying what is a great hobby rather than a shit talking festival with hoods up. Run em' hard and stay safe!

Jake Jordan says:

Bring back the cobra!!

Kevin Pazos says:

That sullivan intake on the cobra is lookin mint. I need one.

Isaiah Martinez says:

1300 for street tires huhh

SirtubalotTX says:

Wish I could turn my car down to just 740 whp.

Alan Mares says:

Who's here 2k19?

AutoVlog989 says:

That COBRA is beast

Redfiya 3V says:

Can someone tell me how to build a 5.1 stroker? Is it just a big bore 4.6 or is there an actual 5.1l engine for it?

No One says:

1337 HP with stock Cobra brakes…smart move there…even 700 hp on those brakes is dumb

Redfiya 3V says:

What engine did he say it was?

roberto gomez says:

this is the type of videos that put 1320 on the map

marshalcraft says:

I think cobras are about the most insane street car there is, more then supras.

docfunk says:

Does this cobra have a ig?

Myles Smith says:

I'm loving the love for car guys not just brand butthurt in these comments. We need more of this like in the old days, talk about your car and laugh with your friends.

Starlight And everything nice says:

1300hp i would be scared to drive that


I wana see that mustang vs its just @ 6

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