$15 Million Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta From Pagani Miami to Porsche Tower Hurricane Irma Evacuation

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$15 Million Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Evacuation from Pagani Miami to Porsche Tower in the 58th floor penthouse, before hurricane Irma hitting the Florida. Start up and drive LOUD SOUND.
Now this Pagani at Geneva Motor Show 2018

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Big thanks to Lamborghini Miami – Prestige Imports – Pagani Miami for helping make this video!

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Faisal Salim says:

Only 15 million dollar. Very cheap price 🤤

shafii babaki says:

I see nothing more to say❤❤❤

how to draw basic says:


Julian Papin says:

Wheel covers look a lil gayish. But yes 15 mill is a good price for a car like this.

ब्लैक टाइगर says:

In Indian ₹ it's value is more than ₹105 crores

Juan de Dios veloz Espinoza says:

En cada diseño Lujoso en cada miLimetro La perfeccion

Tanman324 says:

Those seats look like the Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante's.

Eloi Dalla Nora says:


Isaac M says:

Lovely but, can those horrible rear wheel caps can be removed???

Intergalactic Sucker says:

manual !!!!!

David M. says:

Hay que estar enfermo de la cabeza para pagar 15 millones por esa cosa.

Anthony Hilton says:

Terrible looking not impressed

Angel Chavez says:

Maquina Pagani Zonda una delicia

Muhammad Luthfi says:

Keren sekali

فواز السريّع says:

Well I don’t know guys if I’m the only one who think in this way … I think this car is so overpriced and nothing special about it .. also the sound of is very normal …. actually I prefer any Porsche or Ferrari or Lamborghini over this weird looking and overpriced car😂

SaintCrispín says:

Absoluta satisfacción visual!!!

Tristanto Pambudi says:

You might missed the coma after 1 ? For 15…
I'll go for Mc LT and GTR and still have plenty left
For lots of top class hookers

James Williams says:

Is it possible to open a dealership in the area of Donald B Abbie and James Dean Omegan of Kansas City Mo area

James Dean Omegan

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