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1,500 Miles to Bring My ZENVO TSR-S Home for the FIRST TIME!

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It’s a mammoth journey to Denmark to bring my new Zenvo TSR-S home to @TheShmuseum! We have 1,500 miles over a 3 day adventure through 6 countries to the Zenvo Factory to officially bring the ultimate Shmeemobiles back home!

Having visitied the HQ in Præstø plenty of times during the Road to Zenvo series, it was in late August that I officially collected the car before immediately taking it down to Croatia to join Supercar Owners Circle. That made for the most epic of hypercar events, taking part alongside the most phenomenal car line-up ever seen, before afterwards the TSR-S went back to Zenvo for a service, shakedown and few updates.

Technically it was then ready for me to collect in late September, however I promptly went on a trip around Europe, then to the US for my GT Black Series tour, directly to the Middle-East for Gumball 3000, and back to the US for the GT BS tour to continue ahead of the Christmas period with my family. As such, unsurprisingly, there has not been enough time to make the voyage out to Denmark, and in fact the weather has been non stop awful for the last few weeks also.

Why not drive it home? That one is easy; it’s 800 or so miles, in horrible weather, sitting in traffic on the motorway, and that is not how a car like this should be enjoyed. While I’m not a fan of garage queens, I’m also absolutely not a plan of driving pointless mileage and the associated risks from other traffic (as I’ve experienced in my Senna before…). Hence, I’m with Tony from Turbo Transport and joined by Brad for the voyage with around 40 hours on the road over 3 days.

This is not the first time the car has been in the UK, as it was presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and also went to @TopazDetailing for full Paint Protection Film coverage to be installed, However, it is the first time I’ve ever had it at my garage, and what a surreal experience it is!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:17 Plans
04:32 Day 1 England to Germany
09:49 Day 2 To Denmark
13:11 Visiting Zenvo HQ
17:22 Drive in Præstø
23:35 Loading Up
16:15 Day 3 The Home Leg
29:18 Arrival at The Shmuseum
33:29 Wrap Up

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