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1500HP Bugatti Chiron vs 760HP RENNtech Mercedes-AMG GTR

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A 760HP RENNtech Mercedes-AMG GT-R give it a try to beat a Bugatti Chiron and a 800 HP Porsche 991.2 Turbo.

This event is all about dragracing. 1000m, a rolling start at 50km/h and insane cars during this years SCC500 Rolling50 1000! I hope you enjoy the video.

Best VMAX:
RENNTech Mercedes-AMG GTR: 276 km/h
Bugatti Chiron: 328 km/h
Porsche 991.2 Turbo: 306 km/h

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Gumbal says:

Thumbs up for the Bugatti Chiron! 👍

Scott says:

You'd be better at the other end of the track….

Gavin Payne says:

The chiron pulls up like a boss

Bobi Magda says:

RiP bigatti power mercedes

Aditya Rifqi says:

V8 vs V16 hahah

Арам Сапонджян says:

Мерседес топ

عزام روجر says:

Wow Mercedes very power get out in the stars

Allijah Jimenez says:

Well they should race the black series amg mercedes when it comes out.

Fight Justice says:

Idiot euros, put a camera half way and one at the end.

ricardo clemente says:

camera man FAIL

Umut Özgün says:

2:30 wtf is this girl with flag doing why is she so slow

Nedews says:

so who won? couldnt see it

Ken Brown says:


MotorSportZ says:

New cars are so ugly….Love sheep in the comments.

Rustam Исмаилов says:

Мы даже не видел как они едут какая приехала первой тупо только то что машины теряются извиду ваше видео это говно😠👎👎👎👎👎👎

denerfun says:

i want a race between the koenigsegg regera against the chiron

Isaiah Thompson says:

These videos are completely useless. They're not showing the results of these videos on purpose.

Rahul Verma says:

Pathetic launch of the Chiron and the AMG GT R

Ernest Hankerson Jr says:

I actually watch this thinking there was an upset against the Bugatti. Waste!

Speedsk8r says:

Umm how in the heck are we suppose to see from this camera angle really y'all waste of 4 and a half mins of my damn life👈🏾🤣

Captain Hook says:

Chiron top speed is 430kmh but if the chiron doesnt weight like an elephant the chiron can go 460kmh

Transilvanian90 says:

Whoever filmed and edited this video should be shot.

0 to 6t says:

The things about drag racing video from Europe is you don’t really find out what the fuck happened and who won!

bo phuong says:

From that start i saw how the wheels moved much slower than u would think

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