1500hp TT Ford GT walks 1000 hp Supercharged C6 Corvette

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Danny’s Supercharged 1000 hp (850 wheel hp) 402ci forged motor mallett c6 corvette ran into a twin turbo ford gt that was still feeding through the supercharger. Ford GT was about 1500 hp @ the crank, guestimate would be 1200 whp on race gas (which i think it was running). More racing action with both cars can been seen on the Super Speeders DVD series.

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Homeless Dog says:

wow 9 years ago rob made a good video. to bad all he does now is blah blah blah

captain scallawag says:

"My grandma's Buick would smoke that piece of sh*t trailer trash"

A42yearoldARAB says:

WHy is this a shock? Lol 500 hp difference and we are saying one is "better" because it was modded with more money?

Van_chillin_like_a_villain says:

These were the type of videos where you gained your largest following I feel like, and the police videos of course, where they at now we know you have the money to bankroll legal fees and bails hahahah

Alpha ONE says:

Ok when ur street racing don't bite off more than u can chew. No excuses when u pull up to guy at red light. You don't ask how much hp he got you just go at it😁

David's Favorite Videos says:

Awe, he kept slowing down to help the indigent along his journey, here comes a tear…

Angela Gonzalez says:

I never see ford gt out here we are poor down here all i see are corvettes .

Rain clouds says:

that was a fucking sprint!!!DAMN!!!

Parker Owens says:

I saw this car today at a car show. It's closer to 1700hp now according to the owner

Tha_Real_ Gangsta4x says:

1500 in the vet would only win I'm acceleration cuz the Ford ft has tall gear for extreme topend hence the 293mpH record

J-Styga says:

The GT wasn’t breathing correctly also. Need to flow that exhaust.

Kylie Alonso says:

Como tambien hay corvette dandole palisa a ford gt no es lo caro que cuesten si no Los caballos de fuerza hp cualquier cacharro con potencia le gana al mejor carro

Christian says:

Back when the cars used to come in manual only ): RIP good ole days.

I spilled my FUCKING MILK!!!!! says:

I'm crying cause of this. so good.

Dominic Annese says:


Daniel M. says:

Ford GT go more then 278 mph and that just an old GT. 2017 way out of this world.

Riley Hughes says:

That is fucking crazy. I have literally never seen road-legal car be able to absolutely embarrass something with 1000 horsepower. Goddmn.

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