160mph In A Pagani Huayra BC: The Ultimate Ride

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‘Half Past Love’
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Filming & Editing by Sam.

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Christopher Bell says:

The first Huayra I've liked. Subtle colour, good interior and a wing that finishes off the rear end.

DutchAutomotive says:

Launch control in a RWD car? wtf

lazios says:

Zonda is one of the most beautiful cars ever made.
I don't want to hear any discussions (everything is subjective… and bla bla bla).
If a man (for example) doesn't like the Zonda Tricolore has serious problems or better; HIM is THE problem.

Jms Rvs says:

There are cars… and then there are Paganis!

Andrew Coger says:

Haha so that was you I saw take off in the passenger seat while I was there! The Pagani factory tour is the most amazing thing ever. So many mega cars sitting there. The one BC in the red and black livery has to be one of the most beautiful cars ever.

Leon Leon says:

The turbo Huayra is the ugly sister next to the normally aspirated Zonda; in terms of looks it is similar to when the Lamborghini QV 5000s was much lamented after the Anniversary model's arrival.

Michael Meredith says:

That was super cool ??

George Rs says:

Love the video, love the car, as per, but this driving is just dangerous. Talent isn't limitless and it's quite easy to kill yourself or several others on a public highway. Not a good advert for Pagani and it's disappointing to see this kinda stuff thrown in so liberally like it's just a little bit naughty, it's downright dangerous and highly illegal.

Robert Ingram says:

Wow just booked my holiday with a visit to the factory ….great video

Dominic Salvisberg says:

i never really caught the pagani bug.. Argentinian guy and a german engine. It just doesn't do it for me. Maybe one day ill appreciate them

Dominic Salvisberg says:

beard looks hot

Chase Montague says:

You need a 60fps camera for these Sam. (4k too!)

wooloongabba says:

How long before someone kills a family of 4 in a corolla barelling along at 250 kph on public roads , not if but when . Nice cars but absolutely reckless and stupid driving

Edward Nichol says:

4:53 theres another Sam 🙂

gabcip says:

no handed launch … only the italians ayyy

martmeister says:

editing is superb, particularly when you do your intro right outside "Pagani HQ".

TheFrankybody says:

omg that gearbox is sheit…

The Real MVP says:

You cannot compare Pagani to any other supercar company. only company that it shares some commonalities with Bugatti but other than that, it is a very unique company. No other company can come close to its craftsmanship, customer service, the specification of different Pagani and the special feeling you get when you step inside of one.

granddadoftia says:

i thought he said lunch control.

Drake Linn says:

Great editing, noticed your new effects!

Одри Малинский says:

He didn't go 160mph though did he?

Car Obsession says:

Really cool video Sam, great to get a decent view around the Pagani factory/museum.

phantom2k10 says:

this is a single clutch transmission right? great video nevertheless sam

ABC DEF says:

What a beast ??

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