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$18M Bugatti La Voiture Noire DELIVERY in London!!

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The 1 of 1 Bugatti La Voiture Noire coachbuilt hypercar arriving in London- the most expensive new car ever built, along with a crazy Chiron Super Sport. Based on the Chiron, La Voiture Noire’s body is 450mm longer. So cool to see the 16-cylinder beast on the street in London.


San Blake says:

a 400 km/h car

Ultimate Mixing says:

Why are the calipers moving along with the wheel? 5:00

Minkara Kenya says:

this fool cut off the cold start part😕

Angel Cobo says:

Esto no es un problema de invidia solo que es un descaro una avaricia pero que un día el Dios poderoso vendrá y todo esto se acabará

mrvideouploads1 says:

bat mobile…

IplayonWii says:

Ein Bugatti ist da um wie ein Bugatti gefahren zu werden, nicht um in deiner Glasbox zu stehen

sayak chakrabarty says:

When I was young, I was poor.
After years of hard work, I am not young anymore…

Marcio Artur says:

Aí Batman,um Batmóvel invocado!

Javed khan says:

these are gonna end up in garages for show

Sammy says:

18,000,000 price tag, and fake brakes..? Useless hype, until the car actually does what is said to be capable of, and the car fully works… who knows if that exact car on the vid, outperformes a 20 years old 911 in anything at all, have big doubts that it would. And not seeing anyone helping and showing signs, when someone is parking those things… Creating an image is hard work, but atleast for now, is a paper tiger 🙂

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Ray C says:

Thanks for letting me know. Going to sell some stocks and move some money around and then I'll be on my way to London

Andrew Smith says:

How long did it take for somebody to put a parking ticket on the box I wonder? 😀

William K says:

Waste of money

Hawksbig says:

$18,000,000 and it has to be guided by a guy? LOL. No back up camera or what?

JayStar T says:

It's not original.. this video is a fake

bkit5 says:

It probably costed them 500 thousand max to make this. Who ever bought this is a nut case.

TnVlogy says:

the new lambo looks better and its cheaper

Mark Marsh says:

If you own an $18 MILL car, you are a sick, pathetic, depraved POS. … pure and simple.

Lucas D says:

Bugatti has come a long way in sense of style between the fugly veyron and this beautiful work of art.

michael maxwell says:

who owns it??

Rival 1977 says:

not a real car .

sam sung says:

18 millions and it still has outdated headlights.

suave cashmere says:

Sorry but no car is worth 18m's

lee oswald says:

Make sure you key it if you see it

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