1st video: W Motors Fenyr SuperSport, 900 hp, 1.8 mio$

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This is the newest car by Arabia’s supercar maker W Motors, presented at Dubai Motorshow: The Fenyr Supersport. Sexy car!!!! Super performance!!!!


Youness Hanin says:

Some people just cant let go of their racismt and admit that this is a good looking car.
just because it's an arab made supercar

Pham Khoi says:

fenyr is noting to compare whith hennesey venom gt koenigsegg agera r or bugatti veyron supersport

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Weissach says:

haha.. der fenyr sieht besser aus, hat mehr leistung und kostet nur n bisschen mehr als die hälfte vom lykan… gut für die 25 neuen käufer, schlecht für die verarschten 7 lykan käufer…

SuperStar O says:

This is a nice look. So they gave up on the lykan & made a cheaper faster super sport? How can they sensibly make a new car when none of the 7 lykans ever even sold??

Mr Cat says:

is the price u say right? 0_0 $1.8M

adi cahya says:

this is new model right?

tmilatos says:

At a price tag of…….?

jurj florin says:


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