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2 LOUD Lamborghini Aventadors SPITTING FLAMES In London!!

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These two are at it again. Not 1, but 2 Lamborghini Aventadors spitting flames on Sloane Street on the same evening. The matte black one is fitted with a Stage 3 Capristo and the purple ‘Tron’ like one has a decatted exhaust system. They were seen cruising up and down Sloane all evening.

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Dance Tv says:

is Qatar arab

aman ganagsta123 says:

At 1:22 there's a Ferrari in the background

Ðan Starling says:

2:18 The Lamborghini face the Godzilla and reduce! Hahahahah Nissan GTR the best imo

Sriman vetri says:


fgjhdghytyhhg yjjgghhh says:

iste ,el farando carsean

Ming Hui says:

cant u guys see the car plates this car its own by the dubai kid

Bashar Al Assad says:

it means Saudi Arabia

Kaiden Stark says:

2:04 Shmee150s old R8

CallumRules101 says:

It can't be KSI because KSIs lambo doesn't have a spoiler so it's some one else's lambo

joenepali nepali says:

It has to be the paintwork is still the same

adrian thomas says:

imagine these third world monkeys on a racetrack……just hopeless!!!!!

allmighty thunder says:

there are only 1 lamborgini aventador

Mando Lindo says:

Amazing car. I'm not crazy about the noise it makes. But I guess is what makes it a beast. I don't think if it was a silent car, would give it the same affect. Would love to see it at night with those glowing light strips, wow!

Paul Monkhouse says:

That's ksi

TS Gaming28 says:

And that's not his plate his plate says KSI FLY

TS Gaming28 says:

That's not Ksi the rims are different

Dalton Wallace says:

KSI looks better

Frazier Gaming says:

arabic country katar really

James Ronald says:

It's ksi lambo

Vlemeifa says:

that poor black Gtr …. Anyone notice him ?? xD

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