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2000HP Porsche 9ff 911 GT2 Turbo Acceleration 0-364 KM/H! 😱

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Just listen to the insane sounds of this extreme fast 2000HP Porsche 997 GT2 Turbo tuned by 9ff Engineering in Germany. With a rolling 50km/h start, this Porsche hit a top speed of 364,63 km/h over 1000 meters. Just listen to the insane accelerations! 😱

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Gumbal says:

364km/h is really fast! 😱

Nick Name says:

the dude didn´t have any driverlicence – omg facepalm
take a smart and go home 😀

Bandit_ Treiber says:

langweilig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nichtssagende Bilder !!

Stefan S says:

Useless little Car.

John Rogers says:

Hey, there's some tattooed American git from some rinky dink outfit called Hennesy with a 1000bhp mustang that thinks he's all that. Maybe introduce yourself to him. He desperately needs to be schooled.

Daniel Christiansen says:

2000 italian horses = 900 to the rest of us… 🙂

LMK Media says:

the car looks kinda funny, like its missing everything from the doors and forward @2:53

Tomas says:

Secondly it’s not a GT2, it’s a Turbo 🤌

Tomas says:

Ok so where should I start…?

The track is 1000 meters. You can calculate that from when the brake lights turn on and the speed of sound.

He does the 1000 meters in 20 seconds, which gives you a top speed of about 200 km/h, if linear. However he has a slow start, so let’s say 250 km/h.

If he would have reached 364 km/h in the end of 1000 meters, he would need about 10 seconds and not 20 seconds. Moreover he would need a mean acceleration of 1 G all the way, which is unlikely.

Note, an F1 car does 15.8 s @ 315 km/h on a 1000 meter run. I have a hard time believing this Porsche beats that with 50 km/h, especially with such a crappy start…

So let me put this kindly. The video does not match the title.

The Sharp Shooters says:

Why no mirrors?

Stacey Nelson says:

Whoever that driver is needs to let someone teach em how to drive damnit ..

Tony Valdez says:

2000Hp?Maybe in dreams….

petr says:

boring crap, numbers are BS

PushyPawn says:

Noob driver and no way I believe it's anywhere near 2000 hp.

Adrian White says:

By the look of those exhaust tips, this Porsche is running very lean, watch out you don’t burn you valves.
If I’m wrong here pleas let me know.
Maybe that is old school prior ecu’s etc.

riadhdec dec says:

No way this car is 2000 hp.

No Name says:

Never 2000hp – BULLSHIT

sammy hartman says:

About as exciting as watching paint dry…………….isn't it!!!!!!!!!

Mister Bulletl6 says:

Nice clickbait. Also, "Just listen to the insane accelerations!" How the f**k can anyone "listen" acceleration? Where is the speedo proof of 364,63 km/h speed? Lame video for a 2,15 mil. subscriber channel. Sorry but thumbs down for this one.

Florian Kuhfus says:

Du Homo Fürst
Für was braucht man 2000 PS wenn man was Pedal nur streichelt

hlidskjalf666 says:

Dyno papers or stfu. Is it a pro-mod engine running methanol xD

Romeo Lajh says:

Whom can prove that he drove 364 km/h?
it does not even look so fast with acceleration.And why not showing how does motor look like because i dont trust that there is 2000 HP motor

Dooley says:

Crap never once launches the car

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