2000HP Porsche 9ff Acceleration 0-388 – GT2 Turbo Extreme Fast Top Speed

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Almost 400 km/h with launch control !!! Salvatore 9ff Porsche 911 Turbo S in Action. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV channel. Extreme fast 2000HP Porsche 9ff 911 GT2 turbo acceleration:
0-100 km/h / 0-62 mph in 3,17s
0-200 km/h / 0-124mph in 5,83s
0-300 km/h / 0-186 mph in 10,03s
100-200 km/h / 62-124mph in 2,66s
200-250 km/h in 1,73s
200-300 km/h / 124- 186mph in 4,20s

This is the fastest Porsche 9ff and the best 0-300 km/h acceleration i have ever seen! It´s a rocket and Autobahn / Highway monster. This beast is able to produce 2000 horsepower! The tuning guys of 9ff did a great job. This is currently the fastest Porsche 911 997 GT2 on half mile race track in europa. Just listen to the insane sounds of this Porsche!

Salvatore 9ff Porsche did a great job with his Monster !!! Gratulation!

Enjoy fast onboard acceleration and insane sound…

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Kory Thigpen says:

Human screaming

Maximumtrollerable says:

2:27 Nooooooooo!

Domenico Dimartino says:


Angus Steal says:

Dont try this at home

احساس عازف says:


Speedometer, ABS and Handbrake: Fuck you, we ain't made for that !!

Luca Yzf says:

E bravo a Salvatore!


Does porsche didn't expect that someone will push their car more that 344 ? They missed this one 😅😅

pawel22dti says:

Like my audi a4 b5 1.9 tdi

Zak Bou says:

C qulque chose sa s'arrête jamais

Alex L. says:

Even the stock digital boost gauge passed out…1 bar, ftw 😂

John Davidson says:

2:11 Are you mad, you are supposed to shift up a gear or release some acceleration loss, when the car is revving near or beyond the red line of the rpm the car can handle. Such a cruel torque to the Porsche, such a stupid driver destroying the Porsche. Morever revving beyond the red line does not make the car move faster, because their is a lot of power and torque loss in the red line.

Merkava4IMI says:

The sound of the turbos screaming………………just fantastic.

Cmaga 28 says:

12 year old kid: of course is stock

Redemu9659 says:

Like, you know those cars with back engines? You can litterally just build another engine and add it to the front, the will be insanely fast
Edit: _insanely fast i believe

modafoka24 says:

So fast it hurts

Ayan Sajjad says:

How do these guys increase the hp so much can anyone plz tell me?

H_R_K Gaming says:

Want to see this porche in carwow drag racee😍😍

notruss says:

I think it sounds like its gonna explode

Salvatore Cinque says:

questa potrebbe fare la safetycar in F1…seconde me le monoposto nn riusciranno a tenere il passo…capirai…388kmh e mi sembra che la strada saliva leggermente

Sav says:

Those split second shifts.. blistering speed/acceleration

Omgwtflmaololrotfl says:

Speedo was like screw this I'm out of here

Mudri says:

Faster 300-400 than most cars 0-100

Thorsten Scheidweiler says:

PSMR Ausfall hahahahaha

Dainius Damasevicius says:

imagine beating a bugatti with a vw beattle hehe

Doum 1234 says:

0=200 5.8 amazing

SQ. says:


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