2,000hp Twin Turbo Corvette Street Car – LMR

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King of the Street winner – October 2012
LMR’s 2000hp LSX twin turbo C6 Corvette.



Cornelia Jackson says:


ආදරණීය නික්ම ගිය පියා දැනුම්දීමකින් තොරව හෝ කැදැලි නිවසේ පෙනී සිටියේය

MyXtraParts4Sale Don says:

Does it have a sticker?

Louise Harrell says:


වේගයෙන් අවදි වන්නසොලිපාරියා මහතා නැවත නැවතත් බාස්කූල්වේගයෙන් අවදි වන්න ඔහු හිස ගසා දමයි ඕ ආදරණීය බාස්කියුලේආදරණීය

Tony Hayes says:

Awesome! Mean as hell Vette you got there, and its definitely the right color too, ( though i may be biased cause i have a blue Vette myself lol ) as we say here in the South, that Vette'll haul ass and not have to make 2 trips! 👍

Melody Skies says:

Are those rims custom?

Ray Delfa says:

2000 HP. Bull shit!

nensi pfc says:

50 L = 100km 🤣

Florida Corvette Owners says:

Anyone know if this Vette ever made another appearance?

fish on says:

I have 1 I need a ummm little werk on

Straight Mind. says:

Most ppl are here to listen to the 2000 horses talking , not 1 man talking Pls.

John Yallah says:

Boring no pulls

Damion Henry says:

This was my first time seeing a 2000hp street car on the internet.

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