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2008 Lexus LS 600h L Review – Kelley Blue Book

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To answer your first question, yes, the Lexus LS is the car you’ve heard of that can park itself. But Lexus’ flagship sedan has more to offer than just one headline-grabbing feature. In fact, you can make the case that the Lexus LS, especially in its hybrid LS 600hL form, is the most technologically advanced car in the world.

To help it hold its own against luxury titans like the BMW 7 series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8, Lexus has endowed the LS with the latest technology and the highest levels of refinement.

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Real Dream says:

lexus is trash , Merc is much better more faster and much more comfortable! If you can buy new merc s or lexus ls so you don,t think much about maintenance prices . And merc s is very reliable too

Mr P says:

It's a hybrid and you didn't mention the mpg? ?

Michael S says:

I want the women!!!!

donkeydicked says:

Lexus is just so good … Best car in class by miles

TheCarArchives says:

the transmission on the 2007-present Lexus LS
8-speed AA80E automatic
8-speed L110F CVT

vm2003 says:

I love the LS600hL. Check out my LS600hL….:)


salman khan says:

okay tell me does a 1991 model mercedes have seat massage and heating system?….guess not………tell me does a 1993 model mercedes have three stages of height control?…….guess not ………my toyota crown has them which is at a lower class than a lexus ls…………and i am the owner of a 2003 model s.class long wheel base so dont teach us about luxury German are german but japan is japan bro

gittys1982 says:

Mercedes S classe the best from all luxury

CJ says:

this car actually has 19 speakers and headlights are worlds first LED headlights..not HID…y'all need to do your homework son

Christopher Rector says:

this car starts at $122,000!!!!!

NBC6400 says:

Lol… I don't even know what to say to that

Vitor Dias says:

That one that have doors and wheels…;)

NBC6400 says:

Until you actually sit in/drive/ and own one, you won't see why. And the LS isn't based off of a Toyota Platform. Just so you know…

NBC6400 says:

What Prius have you been in?

Vitor Dias says:

I dont think that audis are louxury, i think that mercedes and lexus are louxury.

Vitor Dias says:


hunghuge12 says:

Like I said. IF YOU HAD THE MONEY. You don't which is why you don't understand. You will only understand when you have had the money and gone past the Audi stage. As luxury cars go they're pretty crap. Nice interiors but terrible ride, quite harsh and noisy compared to other lux cars. You call this gay and shit but you've got no idea what you're talking about. If you have nothing useful to say just shut up.

PeaceMaker says:

How do you know stupid? I'm smart and very capable of someday being wealthy. I bet you don't have that money either "luxury boy". Why don't you go buy a gold dildo and shove it up your intolerant ass?

hunghuge12 says:

You are a fucking moron. If you had that money (which you won't have) you would have other things in mind than driving like a wanker all the time. If you don't understand luxury cars stick to evo's and imprezas. Or in your case some $500 POS.

Prostreetcrazy says:

Looks really good .

Gangstabob716 says:

audi and BMW are great, but are not as reliable as Lexus

Zach Bushkin says:

@zdwification check out my channel bro just posted a pic of my garage

Your Name Here says:

I always think its stupid when they do these luxury sedan tests and thrash it all over. Who the fuck buys these sedans to get sideways. Arent these sedans suppose to be executive cruisers. This is why lexus has changed its direction. They use to make cars super quiet, smooth and reliable. But stupid people will complain about the lack of excitement so lexus started gearing towards competing with these german sedans in these pointless "which 90k sedan" is more fun burning tires in tests. You wan

MilkTrafficker says:

It's a great car but it has that dull generic Japanese design that simply doesn't go with the price. All because it has a V8? Come on, you might as well get a V6 Toyota Avalon and pocket $35,000.

Makizee says:

This shows that BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes's are just hyped up brands..Lexus rules

guitarb3ast7x says:

I would rather have reliability than looks…this car fits my preference perfectly. That's why I convinced my parents to buy one lol

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