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Subaru WRX STi by Ken Block: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtB1fRT5nYg
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We know you. If someone tossed you the keys to a spanking-new 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI for the weekend, you’d make a beeline for the nearest winding road leading into the mountains. So would we.

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Tetsuo Takahashi says:

Best review, thank you a lot 🙂

Jared Tate says:

so what I am saying I have read about them blowing up but never seen them or heard of them blow up around me.

anyway v8s are better than jap cars, but I like the subaru in particular as i've driven a few and it doesn't look rice /gay, they are frigging quick, corner hard, stiff as suspension for great agility.. and u can shift fast.

I'm a bigger v8 guy than jap cars so if you want to hate on what I say great about subarus then be a fuck head and call me out some more.

i wont reply anymore

Jared Tate says:

they are fine stock, I know a person who owns a wrx sti hatch gun metal gray with 120,000 km's they brought it new no issues and it gets thrashed really hard.

I haven't met anyone with blowing engines because I don't hang around dumb people who don't service/look after it.

I think modding is stupid in my opinion as they are fast enough stock, if you want faster get a v8.
stupid people bring them to the 1/4mile and put giant turbos on them.

yes the 2l is tougher but 2.5 is so underrated.

grayson southard says:

One does not simply use a subaru wrx sti as a family car

mrmovin12345 says:

Fuckin ulgy looks likes a mazda speed with a damn scoop

roossi says:

1:03 wtf? that's sand where does that tire sound come from?! 😀

Commandskate says:

lmfao "Forged Internals" looks like you didnt do any research. STi's have the weakest motors. Car's have been blowing up from the factory (Stock) lol

Jared Tate says:

just do ur own research 😛

resort2yourself says:

Forged internals?

Jared Tate says:

the sti has more features, mechnically speaking.
brakes, transmission, more power, forged internals, DCCD (control the diffs), stiffer suspension, bigger turbo.
you can get spec r these days which have leather seats and luxury interior

GoRossiGo says:

I like the 6sp over the 5sp and stock springs of the sti

heelsarefun4me says:

What, nobody has said the famous line "get a wrx and what you save mod it and make it an sti or fastwr "which we all know is lame!

Abram Jack says:

Yes the 2011 is able in a sedan configuration. But come it's 2012 lol you should all ready know.

ThatKidKc722 says:

@Aaron509213 Depending on the Dealer, I think around $3,000

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