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2008 Subaru Impreza WRX vs. 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 | Edmunds.com

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For Edmunds’ Inside Line article:

Sport compacts have it hard. Cars like the 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX and the 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 – along with competitors like the Honda Civic Si, Mini Cooper S and Volkswagen GTI – are expected to do mutually contradictory things with something approaching perfection. They’re supposed to be quick but economical; athletic but comfortable; sporty but practical. Oh yeah, and they can’t cost a lot.

Go ahead and dream the impossible dream.

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M.r. performance Fast wrx says:

This is all bull shit just needs a pro tune 300hp and your good for a 2008 wrx

Hemen Kareamg says:

subaru interior in so ugly.
if mazda have awd than will be best choice

RedFireValor says:

So many Subaru butthurt fanboys here LMAO

Gemcor says:

Haha So much Suburu butt hurt. Sorry Lesbians, Mazdaspeed 3 was waaaay better.

Glass-Man-252 says:

Guess what kind of car the commentator of this video drives? A Mazdaspeed 3 lmao. Worst review I've ever watched. He ragged on Subaru the entire time…..

Stealthvapor12 says:

This is stupid becouse ive never been beat by a speed 3 and over 90% of wrx owners dont drive them stock…

tigergreg8 says:

I never liked these kind of comparisons, For me, timing and handling are only as good as the driver and the wheels under it,
Were the comparisons done by the same driver, going the same speed, with the same tires. If not, you can't really compare them equally. Even the same driver may find himself slower or faster with reflexes at different intervals, 
So, to me, it's all about which vehicle you find comfortable, fun to drive, and reliable. 

Mario Da Silva says:

I have the 2008 wrx, got exhaust and tune up made in one day and pushing same power as the 2009 models, awsum everyday car without a single hiccup in the last 4 years iv owned it, im glad to keep it for the next 10 years because these are gona be collectors cars in the future especially in south africa 🙂 oh and was that a mazda 3 that just drove passed? Oh didnt even notice it

Gavin Maher says:

Shittiest review, why don't you compare the STI & the Speed3.
They're both great cars, but you basically ragged on Subaru the entire time. Even when you did say it's 0-60 was better you said it's only because of it's traction advantage like it was a bad thing. Sorry Subaru has good engineering.
Worst review on YouTube

Jared Tate says:

the 2008 wrx sucked for a wrx, it was named the impreza gt in japan

they retired the td04 turbo, revised suspension etc 
the 2009 and up wrxs r hell fast

Kevin Ho says:

Because you rarely see old Mazdas around, there are a lot of high mileage Subarus still running around. Not to mention the MS3's turbo runs on high boost than the WRX. Most MS3 owners know they are generally reliable but not problem free.

JcDc075 says:

The subaru will last alot longer than the mazda in the long run.

Just Drew says:

why's that? will my opinion suddenly change based on some youtube comments? i think i can make my own decisions.

Shawn Moses says:

amaybe you should look up and read previous comments

Just Drew says:

car value is not determined by straightline speed.

Shawn Moses says:

true but why can a sti beat the first continental GT in quarter mile! That car was $145k

MustBHacks says:

Seeing as the WRX is already quite a bit more expensive than the MS3 it's a pretty apt comparison.

r1pster says:

5 speed lol

Shawn Moses says:

meant it should be compared to an sti not wrx

Jared Tate says:

2008 wrx sucked, the 2009 and up are a lot faster now.

Eddie Choi says:

then awd if you drive in snow every sinlge fuckin day

xProjectTactics says:

Lol. Mazdaspeed 3 running a 1/4 mile stock at 14.5, these guys are terrible TERRIBLE drivers. Damn car can break into 13's bone stock with a driver mod.

Eddie Choi says:

Dear those of you who haven't drove ms3

Tristan Polmear says:

i own one with 400 hp and its fantastic, just raced a 07 speed 3 yesterday lol, it was pretty even but i dont know of his mods

Daniel Hedge says:

Most biased cunts ever always putting Subaru down do a proper review you dirty fucks

Shawn Moses says:

MS3 is compared to the sti, which is faster. This video sux.

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