2011 SSC Ultimate Aero (Top Speed Test)

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2011 SSC Ultimate Aero – 1.5 Mile Straight Line Aerodynamic Run. See what speed the 1,287hp SSC Ultimate Aero achieved in 1.5 miles.

6.3 L V8 Mid-Engine, RWD
1,287hp @ 6075rpm
1,112 ft-lbs @ 6,150rpm
6 speed manual gearbox

Held at our exclusive Straight Line AerodynamicTesting Sessions on Merritt Island, Florida. To learn more visit us at: www.JBProvingGrounds.com.


B Rush says:

The Tuatara did 242mph in half a mile a week ago.

Chad Kent says:

I absolutely love this Channel and I can't believe I'm just finding this particular video. Super cool

Shundarian J Catron says:

Where is the 2.7 miles?! Lol

Nic Restrepo says:

Lets get a helicopter to film it wi…….aaaaaaand hes gone.

Play GT says:

Sounds like a muscle car.

Prince Kumar says:

Bugatti chiron can achieve 227 mph in just 1 mile

With LOVE says:

That's VERY slow for a Hyper car.

Victor Fu says:

So how does the venom gt with less power have a higher top speed ssc 256 mph. Hennessy 270 mph.

Zir S says:

why wasn't he flooring it at 0:33 ?

Erik Britz says:

Car had to let off early or this was 1/2 mile or less cause 201mph is slow for 1 mile to 1.5 mile stretch

Haris Mustaqim says:

Hey, thanks for your excellent and impressive video, Can you use SSC Ultimate Aero to do top speed run or 0-400km/h(250mph) acceleration run? Thank you.

Hertz Wave says:

here before more people come

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