2013 Viper GTS with Hennessey Venom 700R Upgrade Test Drive

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Introducing the 2013 Viper GTS with Hennessey Venom 700R Upgrade. For more information please visit http://www.HennesseyPerformance.com or call 979.885.1300.

Want to learn how to make fast cars go faster? Check out Tuner School where our classroom includes a 1/4 mile dragstrip! http://www.TunerSchool.com


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Hennessey Powered by Pennzoil – To be the fastest, we use the best ingrediants for maximum, reliable horsepower. That’s why all Hennessey vehicles use Pennzoil Ultra synthetic motor oil. http://www.Pennzoil.com


Romit Roj says:

hennessey is the best

Rateeero Freddy De La Rosa says:

better than "R8 V10" sound

Pirate435 Jhon Collins says:

sounds glorrious!!! i like it!!! the best,s sounding viper in the world!!!;-)

VenomKiller 7 says:

The back kinda looks like an Aston Martin

bakerboy293 says:

Soooo, when is the Venom GT going to be videoed going down the drag strip? I wanna see that hoss race

MarMPB says:

Yes, I did and that's the beauty of this all! I still have a copy of a Road &Track issue comparing a Hennessey TT Viper vs a Bugatti Veyron, a SLR Mclaren and others in a 0 – 200mph shootout and… the Viper won! I'm not saying it's a better car of course, but in terms of performance a great tuner car can do very well! I do a lot of top speed races here in Brazil with my lightly modded Corvette C6 Z06 with good results and recently I was destroyed in a 1/2 mile by a "you can't compare car": a humble old Golf VR6 turbo! In another league, I'd bet on a Alpha 16 GT-R vs a LaFerrari in a straight line every day! Better car? Of course it's not! It's just faster ( and much cheaper too )  

Juan Rincon says:

wonder how the stage 3 or 4 twin turbo kit upgrade for this Gen Viper would be. Daily +1000 bhp driven….yess….one for me please…

sinnders97 says:

i want to see them take the venom GT to volkswagons 5m test track and see if it goes faster then 270MPH there

Lyndon McMillion says:

Goal in life is to be able to have a Viper!

Zack Knierim says:

That Venom Viper has some bite. Bet it kills the competition.

that guy says:

I'd want that viper ski doo yellow

Matthew Flores says:

Sounds like a 2nd gen all over again
Or the heffner

Siu Andy says:

look at the size of the tire

MarMPB says:

I thought the  "700" was a reference for engine HP! If it is 700 RWHP, so there is a very good upgrade and I take back my comment!! 

Gerald Kess says:

Will this break 200mph

MarMPB says:

I'm a Henessey fan, but I think that a 60 hp increase doesn't even justify a brand new name like "Venom 700R". Make it a "Venom 800R" NA upgrade and it will get the desired attention! Oh, and put it to the test against… let's say…that stock Mclaren MP4-12C!!  

D. S. says:

@xm2012 we have our 2014 viper at Hennessey for the 1000 package. It will be the first one

مجهول M9 says:

Sound is amazing

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