2015 Ford Mustang GT (Automatic) – WR TV POV Test Drive

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microphones. With headphones or earbuds on, you’ll feel like you’re actually
sitting in the driver’s seat.


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Stuny says:

It’s nice but yellow ain’t it

Winfield Leonidas says:

Mustangs Are Loud

tiefling tomboy says:

i never understood the point of cars that can go over the speed limit. unless your racing its not like you'll get a chance to experience it

Krabmxster says:

Figuring out my finances right now to see if I can get ahold of a 2016 GT auto.. love these cars!

Muhammad Izzuddin Hanif says:

Koenigsegg one pleasee

The car Guy says:

I’m getting a 2015 gt when I graduate high school in 2023 😄

Alfredo S says:

I want an automatic badly

Marko Virkkunen says:

Very nice👍❤️

Dream Chaser says:

I see why I keep getting turned on by the GT. Litterally my blood is hot. This car is good!

Garnet Dale says:

Ok I know what car to buy now tnx

Mohamed Mortada says:

I like this car, but it is very low ground

Donald Bienko says:

You should drive 10 and 2 though..You'll have better control

Donald Bienko says:

Did that say automatic:)..Should of got it in red:)…..Damn trolls…nothings ever good enough..you know I'm just messing with ya..hope you got a laugh

bump uglies? says:

which is better for a mustang, automatic or manual?

Stephan Dalta says:

Awesome vid, Exhaust setup?

Prince dhvij says:

Ford Mustang GT what a price please replay

Jidion’s love child says:

The one thing I don’t like about some of the newer mustang is that the radio is small and has tons of buttons around it I really don’t like that sorta interior

Suntiar A says:

Should I get the 6 speed or the 10 speed auto? They both look fun as hell…

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