2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Burnout & 0-60 MPH & MPG Review – Hellcat VS. Ep.1

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat – In TFLcar’s new original video Series Hellcat VS. we pit our long term Dodge Challenger Hellcat against the clock and against out 100 mile MPG loop to see if the Hellcat is not only fast but also fuel efficient on the highway.

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Kalvin Halvorson says:

Most annoying this is your dumb music blocking the sound of the car

Steven 2gen says:

Over here in Cali, 91 is around 3.59- 4.29

Fairmont Subdivision says:

I did 0-60 in 4.4 in my RT 392…..I do have a performance exhaust and cold Air Intake but that shouldn't matter. He must be getting a lot of wheel slip…..

ROCKA says:

I got 4.6sec to 60 on my BMW 435ixdrive in Colorado and got the video 🤣🤣🤣🤣


"most powerful hemi ever made"
laughs in demon

Derek Beyer says:

id kill for 91, all we get in Alaska is 90

Ahmed Ishaq says:

American are lucky , they have standard fuel as fuel companies do not sell low standard low carbon fuel Or they can not do this .trust me if i mention that with Arabian fuel in Dubai a 2.6 mazda 6 has an average of 24 MPG , digging deeper in Pakistan a 1.L Toyota yaris does 24 MPG as the fuel companies buy low carbon oil from Arabia and sell it at a cost of high grade fuel. when you say QUALITY actually it means U.S

Plague Doctor • 5 years ago says:

I want to be a diesel mechani.! So I'm pretty sure I could afford this car… I hope!

L0nN13 says:

0-60 according to Car and Driver is 3.6 seconds.

Anthony Mancuso says:

it’s 2.09 not 2:99 tisk tisk tisk

s ga says:

That idiot ruined another awesome Challenger video.

254915796 says:

лучше чем шевролет

Clint West says:

the price for 91 octane in this video clearly says 2.099 which is $2.09 almost $2.10 not $2.99

Tutone Malone says:

Who in the hell is worried about fuel economy when you're buying a 707 hp vehicle?!


your going to feel stupid when I beat your Hellcat at a stop light with my plain ole R/T. Thats where most drag racing happens.

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