2017 Aston Martin DB11 | Driving Review | Road Test

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Josef KOTEK says:

… super red David . . . and more . . .

Afzal Alf says:

Marvellous Video……………!!

Peter Gruhn says:

Some of those opening sexy shots… excellent lighting.

A Q T A II says:

Thanks for that beautiful video. Nice color btw.

Mark Chippendale says:

The guy doing the editing clearly doesn't know much about this car. When the aeroblade is first being described he shows the side vents in the hood not the intakes on the C-pillars or the outlet on the rear deck. Then a little later the description is totally inaccurate. Not impressed by this review, sadly.

Dimitris Bakis says:

You driving at 30-50 km/h a supercar like this. That is so boring. You better drive a Golf.

Chris Sorreda says:

Damn that shade of red POPS

Robert Drayton says:

Lended or loaned?

Saswat S Nayak says:

fuck lamborghini and ferrari

Hamza says:

didn't show interior details 🙁

Plastic Fantastic says:

Not everyone can review paintings. Why do people think that anyone can and should review cars?

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