2017 Aston Martin DB11: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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Radiogram & Gramophone toons says:

Steering wheel is on the wrong side

GTR Man says:

The DB9 was the most beautiful car ever.The DB11 is nice, but isn't and improvement.

Jesus From Tibet says:

Buy one 11 now, and sell for $10M in under 20 years.

Samson Okoro says:

Beautiful, just amazing.

joeysn7hvn says:

Beautiful . .I'm going out on the limb now ..To question the tires , yes i know , but can i upgrade on that ? Or are they just fine and i'm just not in the know ?

javon holmes says:

The inside looks great

JH P says:

I hated aston martin. Like aston martin is just lucky brand that james bond used in their movie. Expensive useless piece of shit. But now after seeing this DB11 OMG I LOVE IT. The exterior and interior its just amazing!!! I would love to buy it but hmm idk i dont think i need this yet. I need four door. So unfortunately ill be getting s5502015 sedan.

Fred says:

10:49 blowing a kiss as if she were hot lol

Lars says:

Anyone an idea of how fast it goes to 200 (124mph). The 0-100 is quite slow IMO for a €200k 600hp car in 2016.

Gabriel von Blumenthal says:

arabs don't deserve this beauty

mahmoud elsaeed says:

excellent result <3

coolsdon says:

The seats are a work of art in themselves.

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