2017 Ford Mustang GT: Review

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Here’s one I definitely look forward to every year! In this one I’ll go over all the changes for the 2017 Mustang GT along with of course the test drive, some awesome revs, exterior, interior, engine bay & more!

Big thanks to McCafferty Ford in Mechanicsburg, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2017 Ford Mustang GT! For more information on their inventory please feel free to check out the link below.


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Steven James says:

2017 was already three years ago??! What!!!! Time is going by too fast 🙁

CROS FF says:

Muito lindo🤩

Hassan Alsaleh says:

All blacked out

TheMoonchild1969 says:

I'm negotiating a 2017 mustang 5.0L once is done… I'm going supercharged.✌

Satan says:

This thing is a beast and is a car I really like. But in my country this car costs around 220k (US dollars)

SiberianDragon [MW] says:

33-42k and 435hp? Damn I could get one of these when I'm older and be personally satisfied with both the car and its price.

Najae buchanan says:

Out of all the cars I’ve owned this one is the best one and I won’t be getting rid of her anytime soon😍😍

W. Ethan Jowers says:

I test drove the manual tonight I wanna get it so bad

david martin says:

I want a 17 premium so bad

Swift says:

Never been a fan of the crowd control vehicle but i will joining the do it dale family this month crazy

John Andrew says:

Wanted the Ford Bullitt but finding a green one under 47K is crazy so this will do.

Jordan Olsen says:

Not sure if this is just for the fastback, but I've noticed a really bad blind spot compared to other models.

Diego Jimenez says:

2020!!! Where you at I’m tryna cop this mustang

Sinister soul says:

My brother has a 17 and did a motor swap with it…..and installed a all wheel drive set up

Ricardo Chavez says:

Just bought a 17 with 8k miles , roush supercharged

R F says:

That exhaust was underwhelming

Adam B says:

Nice review, lots of detail, keep it up

Attention R says:

What a sexy beast monster

Wake Up Tyler It's time. says:

So I have a kind of have a dumb question in manuals do you have to shift back down as you slow down or can you slow down put it in neutral and then put it back in the first when you go again?

Blacksheep says:

What does a AUTOMATIC stock 2017 mustang gt do on a 1/4 mile?

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