2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium Reviewed

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Ryan travels to the California desert to test the newer, faster, better, 2018 Ford Mustang GT. Sound levels, launch control and line lock are all looked at in this review.

Correction: Mustang has 5 more HP vs. Camaro, not 20.

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themightyaswang17 says:

Even though I'd go for the manual all day. The 10speed is a beast. 100% understand anyone who gets it. It's the superior transmission. Also the MT82 is kind of balls.

Larseus says:

What are the songs played in this video? I like them!

Rise Against739 says:

I currently drive a stick. Wanting to upgrade to a gt and an automatic. It's either gonna be a 2014 or a 2018.

I just dislike how nascar-y the newer mustangs look. They don't even look like mustangs anymore but that's whatever. Lookin to buy a jet black one.
Just gotta figure out which year.

Data Geek says:

Bro love it

OhLord ImGreat says:

My 10speed is a beast… I don't know what you're talking.. 10 speed is like a freight train 🚆 on the road.. just pulls and pulls

Aris Vloger&Maker says:

How much is this car?

Runyi Sun says:


WARZOG says:

excellent video!

Mannat Rana says:

the last of its kind :^(

Aadit Goyal says:

It's a shame this car costs 100,000 dollars in India🥺

John Kelly says:

Unless you're superman, you cannot shift a manual faster than the 10 speed automatic. It's a fact.

Thullraven says:

I have BF Goodrich Comp 2 A/S W Speed Tires on my 2018 Mustang GT. It has excellent grip immediately without needing to heat up.

TheCombatmechanic says:

I have this same car in red, and ❤️ it. It's so fun to hold the manual transmission in 2nd and 3rd😳


Why would i want the 10 speed auto? Because its fucking faster. I also live in a crowded city so trying to daily a manual v8 in a city would be hell

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