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2018 Jaguar I-Pace vs Audi e-tron vs Mercedes-Benz EQ: Upcoming EV Wars Explained

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2018 Jaguar I-Pace vs Audi e-tron vs Mercedes-Benz EQ: Upcoming EV Wars Explained

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DroverChicago says:

i wish people would note that the $7,500 federal tax credit is non-refundable. As most households don't have $7,500 worth of federal income tax liability in a given year, those who can take full advantage of it are the ones who least need it.

maxpesh says:

The Jaguar is sexy as fu**

Rob J.K says:

I believe Anton misspoke about the Nissan Leaf. He said Nissan would show it in January 2018 and it would be available in Sept. 2018. Instead, it will be shown in September 2017, and should be available a few months after that.

Asiimwe Designage says:

Nice E-SUVs,but automakers also gotta find a way of making solar-backed hybrid-SUVs to make use of the sunny-days as well…

Mark Tiller says:

I've been to Europe and China, we HAVE to get rid of petroleum car's. anyone who think's petrol is good, go in a sealed garage with the engine running, for as long as you can manage.
I'm don't want to wear an oxygen tank to breath , petrol and diesel have got to end


Jaguar iPace "Building up a famiy" car bullshit marketing jargon to shift these tin boxes to mugs ! With all that heat pump scavenger gizmo it still only does 225 miles and takes 90 mins on a DC more powerful charger.. that's pathetic! who's going to wait for hour half at a motorway service station and eat the usual crap there? NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Lets hope they are underestimating it's charging and miles figures for improvements by 2018 when they eventually appear.! lets also consider electricity production is still not clean enough these days, still depending on dirty-carbon use rather then cleaner new wave power or sun power or wind farms!

NZJacobNZ says:

What are peoples views on the projected gas prices? In the future when people make the switch to electric, there will be a decrease in demand for gas. Will this then lead to a sustained decrease in gas price until supply ramps down to catch up with the lower (and continually decreasing) demand?

19Lion8 says:

Unless they have a range of 500mls & takes 30m to fully charge, i wouldn't consider an EV.

GuuzakaTube says:

The Mercedes EQ and Audi are lookers!

Jerry Chen says:

if this really happen,the telsa should update their interior,the big screen won't make you go any further

Jeremy Smith says:

Would Anton be willing to give his opinion of adding solar power generation to the EV car?

Bob Goudreau says:

Model 3 at 35k, forget it, you will see the price go higher to over 45K.

Erik Haw says:

Wow, very informative interview!

Raghunandan Reddy C says:

jag looks good

Martin Z says:

Thanks for all the work you guys do, recently I wrote a report for my engineering class about the innovations that automotive industry introducing to improve the fuel consumption and emissions, where I learned most of them through your channel, keep up the good work. Thanks

Diego Torres says:


higher 8 says:

+Fast Lane Car have infos for Japanese manufactors about electric SUVs ? Can you say me if Subaru,Toyota,Nissan and Mazda built electric SUVs in the next 5 years ?

James Patrick says:

seems promising, Im just wishing this incentives will stay for october next year, the bolt seems good and with more options is really intriguing what to get

Sergio Marron says:

I don't subsidize my dentist's Porsche…So why should I subsidize our clinic's psychologist's Tesla?

Gerald Bennett says:

no more mandates.  We are paying more for gas powered cars to subsidize the crummy electrics

Matt S says:

A car video with no cars, thumbs down

Troy Strain says:

We stayed down in Cabo for week at the Riu an all inclusive resort. Corona spigots stuck out of the walls all around the hotel and pool area. Partied on the beach everyday. Enjoy the party Roman.

As far as Jaguar is concerned, they're just happy if their vehicle starts, especially while being filmed.

Bryce says:

The next two cars will definitely be electric. Tell the oil companies to go screw themselves

Lovejazz01 says:

The Jaguar is the best looking and looks production ready, I would drive that!

guy proulx says:

Lexus is the best car for the money and it's also the leader in reliability and resale value over all these cars

David G says:

Didn't even finish watching.. a first for watching your stuff.. not even halfway

David G says:

Just talk.. no content… blah blah blah.. falling asleep ..ho hum.. support you guys but slow news day!!??!!!

iainmac2 says:

That Audi looks a thing of beauty.

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