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2018 Lexus LS 500 and LS 500h Introduction – Walkaround

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http://autonetwork.com. 2018 Lexus LS 500 & LS 500h Presentation. Get a much better look at 2018 Lexus LS 500. San Francisco, CA. You will see and hear just what invited journalist experienced. 09.13.17. It’s Just Like Being There”.. http://autonetwork.com
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Luqman Bello says:

Wine interior doesnt bring out the beauty of this car.. its annoying

Andrew Villanueva says:

Some day l will have that car!!!!

Denelle Hemingway says:

This just melted my heart….#LexusLover

Cèsar Alvarez says:

Muy feo, esa parrilla frontal in u demasiado exagerada

Xavier Perkins says:

The best got even better!

Kris S. says:

Absolutely gorgeous.

Suphat Thundee says:

Quality car i like the color

tyvanhworkout says:

It's beautiful! Way better than the old LS.

High Capacity says:

Man i stopped @2:56 just to say that I dearly love all the new cadillac modles and what they've done to the brand. I am a diehart Cadillac lover, but this lexus is the best car that I've (ever) seen from lexus! AND I haven't even seen the front seat! So much I like about this car from the taillights that remind (me) of the new avalon that I love. to the long body style like the genesis, Audi A series. No disrespect but all those cars are hybrid into this kickass lexus! If that made any sense?. Lexus over Cadillac for me. I'm growing!? lovin life and lovin cars! Keep doing it the right way lexus! Love your brand but can't afford one? same with Cadillac. Bit I'm definitely watching.

243wayne1 says:

I ordered the V8 model. No V8!? My point exactly… Better get on that problem Lexus! In a hurry!

Christopher Hayes says:

That car is awesome

Xi Wang says:

say no more, just take my money and give me a lexus ls (◦˙▽˙◦)

shadowfallenable says:

Ladies and gentlemen… the future is HERE!!

Mark Carter says:

Love it with the exception that the rear end trunk looks like that terribly designed BMW.

Brian Sanchez says:

I don't kno bout that grill tho

JOK says:

Hate the grill. Too much to clean. But If it had the interior light package like the BMW,, then it would be perfect.

Sule Bello says:

lovely you are okay

Hoot Owl says:

Wow. That is a luxury car.

Carrington Hollister says:

If loving this is wrong then I don't want to be right

okniceguy says:

reminds me of an Infiniti's shape.
but i LOVE that grill. bold. daring.

Bob Anderson says:

Anyone know if the exterior is the “sleek ecru metallic” color?

Krid Adounsattapong says:


East17A says:

i can't believe this such beautiful advanced vehicle like that and it is not cheap . but yet still does not support Android or apple .!! in the middle of tons of competitions around. Lexus . I really don't understand you !!

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