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2018 Lexus LS 500 Review: Top 5 Unexpected Luxury Surprises!

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2018 Lexus LS 500 is the Flagship of the brand so it has about every luxury item that Lexus can cram into the sedan. These are the top 5 Unexpected Luxury Surprises Counted Down.

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Henrik Koukku says:

Next 2019 (LS F) model engine (3x) turbocharged!!!. ?

Rich Farfugnuven says:

It's riff raff, not rift raft…..

G says:

I thought the LS 600 has a lot of these features.

Commentator541 says:

It's finished BEAUTIFULLY! It's impeccable! But this techy design language doesn't translate to luxury products. It's more special edition NIKE then DIOR, and that is a problem. Even tesla has a strict design language, and technology is all they are selling.

Bob Dingles says:

v6 in a flagship. whose bright idea was that.

John Sluder says:

Ugly! Awful front grille. Earlier LS were nice. I hate this.

No says:

3:00 those odd discs and DVDs have the best sound output to take advantageof the mark levinson system too.

Aaron Luis Arriaga says:

so is this a car to be driven or to be chauffeured in?

Jared Shelton says:

Kia K900 is a little nicer in my opinion. But this is a beautiful car, nice job Lexus.

Khizar Hayat Khattak says:

Lexus series is vry nyc and good. I hav driven 350 and 460 awesome and luxury car.

Real Dream says:

Even Asian people prefer German cars instead of Japan Honda's Mazda and Lexus Lexus is low level

alejandro fernandez says:

like the car . not a fan of that new front grill

LIANG XU says:

I've owned 2 Lexus LS, and I'm driving the second one currently, 172k miles, except tires, the timing belt and water pump EVERYTHING is original, and it still quiet like an electricity car, 18 in city 25 on highway.

Francisco Espírito-Santo says:

Why on Earth should one want a "plug in hybrid"? They're too unpractical and unreliable!

soursop1972 says:

The luxury features are top notch, but the styling/body/face of this car is ugly as shit.

Frosty says:

CDs are good for audiobooks

Clive Sinclair says:

I was liking it… right until the part about no Apple/Android…. May be older folks who historically buy this (I’m 61), but I love my tech. Back to Audi/MB tests.

Mr. Mylo says:

I love almost everything except the rear light, it looks so cheap and ugly

Hopefully that Lexus will use rear light of concept version instead


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