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2018 Lexus LS 500 vs Mercedes S500

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2018 Lexus LS 500 vs Mercedes S500 || Visual Design Comparison
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Huy Thai says:

I like how smooth and conservatively elegant Mercedes is but it’s getting boring. They are good but I mean they don’t really stand out from the crowd, while Lexus IS also elegant and beautiful but in an edgier and raw way which some people might find polarizing but I’ve grown to like it.

Marcelo Surville says:

Lexus no doubt

Rajiv Singh says:

German engineering looking old and outdated. Lexus is just leaps ahead of the krauts !

Suphat Thundee says:

Lexus lexus lexus

Basuki Sugito says:

Why still today need visible air outlets???? Why can't the air not come in the cupe from invisible outlets and with bigger area so it will lower the airflow through the holes. Will be more quiet. So much things has been there for 50yrs without change at all. I am so confused

gst69man says:

– Mercedes = 5 star hotel, Night life, tacky, boss, business, New York minute, I'm better than you, kind of life style.
that's me!

Jason Nguyen says:

I honestly hate the way Lexus are put together… it just rattles and everything is loose and cheap feeling. Otherwise nice Toyota ?

Moses Kpere Daibo says:

Honestly they don't reflect on the Lexus as much as do the Mercedes Benz. Am an Lexus guy and will always be. Give and take Benz will be my second choice.

tischlerbmw21 says:

The Lexus IS the more reliable of the 2 hands down, however the benz will drive and handle better, is quicker and will thrill more.

&BLK Dunce says:

i have 2009 LS…
S500 is beter

P R says:

Mercedes for Old fat blind People and coast 3 times more and get broken all the time.

111915 528518 says:

If you are keeping these cars, Lexus is just way better in every way. If you lease get an S class before a part breaks and they want your leg for it to fix it.

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