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2018 Lexus LS500 F-Sport – An Athletic Twin Turbo Executive Sedan?

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Downsizing makes its way to the flagship Lexus sedan where the old V8 is gone to make room for an all-new twin turbocharged 3.5L V6. With over 400 horses, a quick-shifting 10-speed transmission, and the magical GA-L platform to make this the most fun big Lexus sedan we’ve ever driven. The 5th generation Lexus LS will undoubtably shake up the full-size luxury sedan segment. Europe should take notice once again.

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Ernest crowder says:

Lexus is going to have to put a v8 in that car for it to compete with high end German cars that are actually Autobahn Cruisers. I left Lexus for the S Class Mercedes and I don't regret it.

hworkdedication says:

Damn fkn bad ass car

David Ross says:

Dude is GAY AF.

Stepheon Coles says:

Oh so you will give me a TTV6 in exchange for my $100,000 and no TVs. Oh it’s high because of dependability. I’m spending a $100,000 do you think I’m worried about fuel mileage or dependability? ?

Darren Dyson says:

It's a toss-up between the 2017 SS Impala the 2018 Kia Stinger GT and this car

CastrejonHDTV says:

They should put this engine on the next Camry XSE and make it RWD as well.

Boobs McJohnson says:

And this will be 13-15k in 8 years

Bilawal Khan says:

My 1997 s500 has soft close doors

David says:

Please drop this engine in the IS

Will Crone says:

I just bought my for 83,000 and am so happy

supa goodz says:

Lexus needs too make better wheels like BMW

BornToBeFamed says:

I need the gsF looks nice, but that v8 is the key for me. Its bullet proof, takes nitrous or boost easy and can still daily it . That lexus v8 just sounds so good. The TTv6 runs but doesn’t match the car to me. Hopefully aftermarket will help reach 500-600whp . Cuz ive seen a few gsF making 500 on the ground

Sameer Bhai says:

Sk movies planet

Mike Ley says:

This is a dream vehicle hands down. For a 30's aged man…this with a non-digger wife with a child seat in the rear…is enough for a dreamer to strive for. I'm sure a Panamera or an Audi S7 vehicle…or even some high class Mercedes Lux class would fill that void….it's hard not to appreciate the Lexus LS class and live in comfort that this vehicle will perform and create that lux comfort bubble that this vehicle will provide for them. With that said…..I'm lower level class and this vehicle is a dream. I don't care if this review down plays the look of the LS400….it was still the quintessential baby carrier with spunk to have mom and dad in the front piloting. Love the Lexus class LS.

Rich Ryan says:

Looks like a big Mazda 6 and the inside is so gwady Stevie Wonder would need sunglasses; invert the red / black.

Dylan B says:

The rear end looks like the new Camry

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