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2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport – First Drive Review | All You Need To Know | AutoReview

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The Swift Sport was introduced as the Japanese alternative to the hot hatches which Europe which introduced a new level of driving fun in an affordable price sector. The previous generations of the Swift Sport were known for its no nonsense approach and has since drawn a loyal following. Can this new generation keep up with this legacy? Lets find out.

Big thanks to Melville Suzuki for loaning the car for us to review. http://www.melvillesuzuki.com.au/

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Thanks to Melville Subaru for loaning the XV for review. Check them out at http://www.melvillesubaru.com.au/

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B3NJ4M1N H0 says:

Are you sure it's competing with the Clio RS and Polo GTI? They have near to 200bhp, no contest…

Vikas Soni says:

What’s the location of drive?

Al Nz says:

Still no centre arm rest… ?

Bay BossMAN says:

Monster Tajima has a coupke of these with more power the look and sound badass

Shivam thakur says:

brother tell me its average in city and highway are they same as old swift or they do work on it

raul correa garcia says:

Well,Im sure the new VW Polo gti will easily kick the Swift´s little ass with its 2.0 tsi

K. R. Katara says:

Bhai konsa version hai

Annie F says:

Nice review! ?? Hope this new swift will come soon to Indonesia

V00nster says:

I enjoyed the driver's field of view part of the review – very unique and entertaining, like being there.

a z says:

Do you know how many rpm at 100 km/h?
WhatsApp fiel consumption does it have?
Greetings from Germany 🙂

Yaram Harish says:

This car not come in india showrooms

velo says:

will it come with 3 doors? is there tuning potential or is the gearbox weak?

Helena Hybnerova says:

I think to be no problem to have in this small rocket around 200ps a ton:-) Don´t compa
re this car with Polo GTi, because it´s much more heavier and bigger.

Billah IT says:

per litre fuel how many km run??

Suta Pál says:

I won't ever buy a car with piano black surfaces.

Manny Singh says:

Need to see this thing on a track!

Ben Chesterman says:

970kg / 103k = 109kw per tonne

nagender goud says:

Hie sir,we are waiting for ur cars in India,When u realese Swift in India

Ryan Dejoras says:

This is without a doubt the reincarnation of the GTi spirit in a sexy new package. Lucky it has cruise control or I'd have no license in no time.

Rishabh Sharma says:

Its not coming in india ????

Manish Mahanti says:

Sheesh.. those alloys.

An Avenger says:

why the fuck they give garbage in the name of swift across india …and best models to abroad ?????????????

Trustfire says:

I really fucken want one. Japanese, turbo, manual, 970kg. Yes please!

MrZekToR says:

Great road test. Thanks. Can you tell me at what RPM the soft limiter comes in at?

Thomas Crouch says:

Nice one, helps me a lot, test driving tomorrow so will know how to engage reverse now. Good to hear the engine sounds nice, any exhaust note from the rear? Pity no digital radio

John Machage says:

is the ride stiff? hows the suspension

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