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2018 Mercedes CLS vs 2018 Audi A7 Sportback

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New Mercedes CLS 2018 C257 or New AUDI A7 Sportback 2018 (Exterior and Interior) – What is better?

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Tim Carter says:

I think that best design option would be to combine front lights of CLS and back lights of A7))

PA DO says:

I can't chose.

Philip K says:

CLS has always been the ugliest mercedes.E class is the best.

Alaa Alaa says:

Mercedes Benz is the best car in the world….

Music.Master d-_-b says:

this MB CLS is second Mercedes that i fell in love with first look <3 First was S Coupe some years ago <3

Максим Дерій says:


jorge tejeda says:

A7 Mejor diseño.

Fed Man says:

How can you compare a cls to an a7 obvs the a7 would outclass it?

astritBA says:

A7 this time and I have a first Gen CLS. And i love the back of the first gen ClS this one is crap. Sad to say but audi wins on this. Is really making me think to buy the A7 now as it looks so sexy, even though i always drove benz.

Svit Drim says:

A7 like????

Sudesh Chandel says:

Mercedese is just like a normal car
But a7 is preciuos

BB Lifestyle says:

6 Series BMW still the best. I don't think Audis step to an all digital Display is practical i mean it looks awesome but it's just not as easy to use as the old System which is a step back imo. Exterieur the A7 is a mixture of boringness and a rly rly bad looking back. Yeah it still looks hotter than the Merc but it doesnt look as special as a 6 series and this car is years old now…

Maask says:

both ugly af s63 2018

chandan raj says:

Audi a7 looks asome

Olga Reznik says:

Audi A7 is better!

Jitesh Patel says:

2018 CLS Benz !

abdul rafey Khan says:

Looking at this new CLS proves that humans are still human they make mistakes 😀 The new A7 is the perfect definition of a fast back. Love it :-*

Miroslav Tisman says:

A7 is a spaceship

Bartosz Pędziwiatr says:

CLS beacouse audi = VW

DrOzzyHD says:

The funny thing is you buy an an audi an get tonns of vw parts …
Buy an Mercedes and you get oh Mercedes parts 🙂
A7 is also an fake cls sonce the 1st gemeration .. and all the guy s here oohhhh audi is so innovativ mhmh sure ?

judging Lion N says:

Tot much in that Audi! When i look at A7 it immediately appeals to me as a perfect VW must be but it is not,it is an Audi!!? I find this VERY REGRETTABLE. it's the width of that Audi is SUPER! but is not Finely finished. the CLS is a thin car next to that audi I find that spitty of that CLS? since the exterior must also be dominandy! And interior the same problem with thé oudi Nice but not FINELY FINISHED example so many thick buttons really disappointed. the CLS has the perfect example of how a car interior should be!! and in this I would unfortunately go for the Mercedes

damien drolet says:

A7 is cleaner in every aspect. CLS looks like trash by comparison honestly…

TheCarletto86 says:

Audi A7 decenni luce avanti

Peykan47 says:

A7= wellcome in the Future

Владимир Кузьмин says:

Мерс огонь

MIchal Gabor says:

Audi guys are obvious Star Trek fans 🙂

Slick Rick says:

Yes yes yes! Finally no stupid pop up screens. Audi I'll be back soon baby ?

Asimo kane says:

I like the Mercedes interior less busy with all the screens the Mercedes looks clean and simple that's why the interior is nicer the front of the Mercedes is nice but the a7 rear is nice combine those together and u get 1 sexy car

serdar çakır says:

Cls nin içine sıçmışlar resmen arkası bir boka benzemiyor önünü insigniaya benzetmişler içi aynı e class mercedese yakışmayacak işler

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