2018 Pagani Huayra BC: Beyond the Zonda? – Ignition Ep. 183

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On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com), Jethro Bovingdon pushes Pagani’s limited-edition hypercar to its limits on the Autodromo di Franciacorta, and drives it on the evocative Futa Pass in Italy. The standard Huayra is already a formidable supercar, but it’s never quite emerged from the long shadow of the iconic Zonda–the original Pagani carbon-fiber masterpiece with its signature howling 7.3L V12. The wild-looking, new BC model looks to change that. It’s lighter, more powerful, and more track-focused, and features extreme active aerodynamics, suspension, braking, and tire technology. So can it finally lay the Zonda to rest? Watch and find out!

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Nihad Asadli says:

Include metric units as a subtitle for fuck's sake

Ahmad Zeiaei says:

What’s the Intro Music??

Alfred Olatunji says:


Michael Nguyen says:

Jethro made this video so boring to watch.

Stefan Marinkovic says:

Sounds just right

mustafa butmah says:

The ugly truth

Tom Henks says:

811lb-ft from 1000RPM. Now that's what I call torque.

Matthew Duran says:

I have a huayra bc….. in forza

Fahad Alazraqi says:

Beyond the Zonda my ass. It's a step down in every aspect.

Erik Bahtiar says:

very beautiful pagani of design

Ismael Gutierrez says:

Follow squishycones on instagram thanks

AARRextremz 2000 says:

Still like Zonda more,the interior is ugly,this only revs to 7000 rpm that’s why I hate it

J g says:

The Pagani Huayra is my favorite car in the world it's more beautiful than the zonda the sounds better and the best driving and performing car out there

Louis says:

do you guys remember those old TopGear episodes where the music was super loud and you couldn't hear anything else? This intro reminds me of that…

TUBE DUD says:

best car ever

Dragon RA says:

i want this car , send me this

P equals NP says:

The idiot said the bc isn’t beautiful

Arran Stewart says:

The numbers aren’t extreme enough, bringing out a car with basically the same power than the predecessor makes it less desirable, especially since its turbo charged. Bugatti brought out its next gen, the Chiron, with 500bhp more than the original veyron. That’s a reason to buy.

Bandana zX says:

Ugh. Fucking hell. This midget again. Sack the limey, and bring back the American presenters.

Majesty 6 says:

For a 2018 high end car, shouldn’t it have parking sensors so you don’t accidentally scratch it?

SHOGUNZz says:

Pagani never lets me down . Love ya pagani❤❤❤???

Tayfun Ankara says:

But it is not a zonda.

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