2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series – PRODUCTION

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Paintig Body 00:06
Front Bonnet 02:16
Painting Wheels 05:45
interior Trim 11:16
Seats 15:20
Seddlery 19:29
Assembly 23:42
Exclusive Manufaktur 28:46
Luggage Set 33:15

“New 2017 Manufacturing, Porsche Car Factory, Plants”

Music Source 35:45:
Epic Cinematic 2
Brave Epic Cinematic Music Roalty Free
(NCM Epic Music Ender Guney)



Bulldozer says:

take a look at anyone of these German workers paychecks , 55% is taken out to pay for all the "FREE" stuff German citizens get living in their socialist country , this is what all the brainwashed liberal fascist hypocrites in the U.S. want for everyone here in America

S.F 2.0 says:

Porches is cheating people ……only vlkswagen gives car to people in genuine package without compromising build quality….so we should all promote VW ( vlkswagen) cars…..

jat gamez says:

New chapter bumper car

Michael Kurtz says:

These highly skilled specialized autoworkers make this processs look magical. Lots of hard detailed work. Thank you for the dedication to quality. It shows.

When You Don't Know says:

Well done!!!

Sky Ton says:

A lot of these are made in china now.

Exciter says:

Flurry Potato got it.

Vu Nguyen says:

26:00 pretty

Daniel Otero says:

Solo en Alemania engendran estas joyas de piel extremadamente pulida

muhammad nuruddin says:

pantesan larang
iki dudu mobil
tapi karya seni
pomo nduwe 3 ning kampung 😊😊😊
dijejer ae kanggo pajangan
eman arepe numpaki
tiap taun bayar pajeke ae

Şehmus Güden says:

Why there are lot of work safety issues?

Barrows Lincoln says:

The ignorant breakfast basally tempt because europe genomically promise save a solid barber. precious, pleasant jennifer

Alexander Haubner says:

G. O. A. T

Dallazyz Oliveira says:

Much very good nice.

Swiss time says:

I will drive this car

Cody McConnell says:

exclusive, exceptional, attention to detail…all gross understatements. tooling=mindblowing. finding the words to describe how next level the people at Porsche are=downright impossible!

lahiru yasanka says:

Hand made excellent. Teamwork is good in Germany. I am can't never buying this soul porsche car. I am Sri Lanka


Good technology and more advanced

Adecade Pongsananta says:

What a real treat!

Mahmoud Nikpour says:

دستمریزاد بسیار مسئولانه کارگران کارخانه کار میکنند مانند هنرمندی کا در خلق یک اثر هنری مشغول است🙏🌹

Khaled khaled says:

اللهم ارزقني سيارة من هذه الماركة

Claus Vasquez says:

Woow 😱 is beautyful Cars 911 is good 😎🇲🇽🇺🇸🇹🇷🇮🇹😎😉👌

A random hobby channel says:

Anyone else think some kind of assembly line work like this would make a nice job. I know it comes with some stress, but it looks very relaxing to put things together.

에릭칸토나 says:

공장 자체의 퀄이 현기차랑은 급이 다르네
뭐 원래 브랜드 급이 다르니깐 그렇겠지만

Mc Shady says:

Porsche dont seem to provide a high level of quality P.P.E do they


Porsche 911 exclusive

Pablo Bersosa says:

Es un trabajo tan dedicado y perfecto para crear un auto hermoso. Que paciencia.

Sandor Varga. says:

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