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2018 Volkswagen Up GTI first drive review

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The Volkswagen Up GTI harks back to the glory days of the original 1976 Golf GTI thanks to the small dimensions and light weight that today’s Golf – which has now ballooned unrecognisably – simply can’t provide. Power comes from a turbocharged 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine with 115 horsepower, but can this little pocket-rocket really recapture the true essence of a hot hatch icon?

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Read the full review: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/content/car-reviews/volkswagen-up-gti-review-hatchback-2018

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Nick Zee says:

The infotainment system is a dealbreaker ?Otherwise it sounds brilliant

Joelkswagen says:

Would like to see what an APR tune would do to one of these.

Blake Swan says:

Is there a law preventing LED/HID headlamps on this segment of cars? Maybe I am just weird in thinking quality lighting is as important as performance.

itzJKB says:

ample whAaAaat !?

Moreira Da Lima says:

115 hp isnt enough to be a decent competitor of the 500 abarth

JamesyBoyJim says:

It’s silly, but cool at the same time. I’m kinda tempted lol. Surprised the gti only has 1.0 and 113hp but I bet it feels fast

Özgün Demir says:

car prices are crazy cheap for uk and european countries 🙁

Adam Cockley says:

Has everyone forgot about the Lupo GTi?!?! That was like an updated MK1 Golf and it's quicker than this and doesn't need a turbo. The 1.6 16v engine was a pure note!!!!

It even looks better as well especially with the four individual lights at the front also came with xenon standard!

anthony gatti says:


TourdeFrance20131 says:

1.0 turbo 115hp Thats a nice power output.

The old daihatsu charade 1.0 gtti (Gt turbo intercooler) which was a GT hahaha. It had 3 cilinders and 101hp. 0-62mph =0-100km/h = 8 s.

Weight dont remember 750kg??

So a lot less.

Lets say we need a fast tiny volkswagen and no daihatsu.

volkswagen polo 1.3 G40 genesis or the first version.

Well that did 103hp and 113hp.
With scroll kompressor. Weight?? 0-100 8,5s somewhere.

If you need a VW UP GTI and this is a GT for whatever reason you can tune the engine of course.

But still there are other brands with tiny engines which can be tuned

Like the French Renault Twingo GT 1.0 turbo
Or the Italian Fiat 500 0,9 3 cilinder turbo car 85hp

Fun cars you can tune a bit.

My own experience on the 1.0 turbo engine was in a vw polo. And yes it was flying Very nice very fast and especially cornering and roundabouts are taken with great agility and superior speed. it all feels very safe with great fun.

That is what counts for a short wheel based low weight pocket rocket.

TourdeFrance20131 says:

Nice car. love it.

Richard woff says:

Aqui no brasil GTI será de 90 mil kkk

McGrory says:

113 BHP not 115 and that "really cool noise" is fake, don't you do any investigating before film a review?

Ross Goodwin says:

Definitely getting one! Now that it's here please tell me there's an R version with a 1.6 engine on the way.lol

jonny5777 says:

I like the spin you put on this by comparing it to the original gti, sounds good too. But did you have to go to Monaco to film it? Nice free holiday I suppose ha

ZX R-CADE says:

I love the up gti I always said they would make an up gti and finally they have and also I’d love it if they did an automatic version too

gkelly34 says:

Great for darting around town and on the motorway I’m sure ?

NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes says:

why r17 , and why soo much money , costs like a used golf 6r

M M says:

Brilliant video!

cmeasey says:

Looks like VW has done a great job. Shame it’s been launched towards the end of its 7 yr lifecycle.

ApurtureSci says:

Eww, halogens

traps arent gay says:

What the fuck did they do to the GTI ????? IT LOOKS LIKE A PRIUS

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