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2018 Volvo XC40 – First Drive Video Review

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Yet another compact SUV! But no, it’s not getting boring with the new Volvo XC40, because the Swedish found a somehow fresh approach against Audi Q2, BMW X1/X2, Mercedes GLA and Jaguar E-Pace.

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Anti Petrolhead says:

Why would a Volvo owner be chasing a Jaguar owner. Volvo people have more class than that. Besides big brother, Polstar, will teach those people a lesson.

Kapil dev Singh says:

It is a really a car for driving

unknown leo says:

Space is subjective because not all people are same size

Keyboard G says:

Does the audio quality suffer from moving the speakers around?

Khan Gengis says:

My most wanted car

Lucky Barber says:

Hey, black duckie! 🙂 Thank you for the review; well done.

Gnothi Seauton says:

Güzel bir araç

kuffs06 says:

Great review, Thankyou

Usman M says:

Nice, I like the car but at4:25 min the view shows that you will have your neck move forward after driving this for a while, bad posture! The headrest is too way forward!

Jacob Plato says:

How tall are you? I'm trying to get an idea of how much headroom I'll have. I struggle with headroom in most vehicles with a sunroof. I want this car so far, but worried about headroom.

Ted Brogan says:

I wanted to like this car, exterior design is excellent. The interior and dashboard is just awful. The big air vents with the plastic chrome look really cheap. Compared the XC40 to BMW X1 yesterday at the LA auto show and we decided to get the X1. Interior design and quality was the deal breaker.

biggyngwenya says:

Back window view not good.

William Hale says:

when this baby comes to Australia i am trading my rdesign v40

fm carv says:

Black and white is super fancy….ask Apple my friend!

VenoStuff says:

The XC40 looks awesome! 🙂

Robert Fussenegger says:

Wow Thomas your Review is on point! organised, straight forward and with love to the details. i subscribed. looking forward to your next reviews :-). greatings from austria

Nassim TERKI says:

Camera angles facing sun

Mark Geller says:

Would like to see you to compare this against the E-Pace, as I think they are the closest competitors and will be the toughest decisions for many (unless you want a more sporting look, in which case the Jaguar will be the cleare choice), depending on equivalent price.

yluong says:

Every new Volvo car since 2015 is brilliantly designed and looking. Got to give the Chinese Geely a credit for pumping in money and liberate this car company


the look is just brilliant..

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