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2018 Volvo XC40 Review – the ultimate family SUV? | What Car?

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The Volvo XC40 mixes style with space, and comfort with cutting-edge safety. When more frugal petrol engines are introduced, it has the potential to be even more appealing. Remember to visit http://bit.ly/2n4u13s to see how much we can save you on a new XC40.

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PoggiiBonsii says:

these sort of the cars have to loose weight, the presenters don't…?

DiLLy DiLLy says:

Top 4 cars to buy. Xc40, jaguar epace, Lexus nx fpace, or Jeep

jakob says:

Gerat video! Does anybody know the name of the song that's playing all the time?

Jeremiah Butler says:

Stuff fund canvas interior compound department little factor concerned group swing.

Antony Jenkins says:

Brilliant presenter. Never seem him before, but really like him.

terrykow kow says:

This guy is one of the best presenter, so as the car XC40. Professional way in reviewing, no nonsense or much bias. Great.

Ben Bradbury says:

E-pace.. or this..

Nyana11 says:

2017 Countryman OR XC40 ?
Vote below

Johan Johansson says:

How can it be legal for a car manufacturer to make cars with Ipads in the center console when it's illegal to use a phone thats right infront of youre face?

Euroman Driver says:

very good review.

Car Freak says:

I don't understand, why Geely thinks that Volvo is supposed to be on par with German rivals in terms of badge appeal. Instead of pricing it below what the Germans offer, they use the same long options bs like Audi, BMW and Mercedes do. Problem is: No one ever said, that he/she is proud to drive a Volvo and have that retarded badge on its car. It's still an irrelevant niche player that has no redeeming features whatsoever. In terms of safety even the Koreans are now on top of their game and reliability is very questionable after the Chinese takeover. Plus, Geely bought Volvo not to revive it, but to gain access to their know-how.

VenoStuff says:

My dream car!! 🙂

John Lin says:

Nice car and great review!

James Duke says:

Good presenter but I really hate the need to suggest the Volvo is “like a premium product” – it IS a premium product. The feel of the cars this competes with simply isn’t as premium…

Roger Smith says:

I want one and I'm 24 with no kids. Lol

Shawn g HD says:

The boss has arrived

g00dfeeling says:

Very nice, but Peugeot 3008 is still the best in class.

Im here because im bored says:

Volvo is trying to escape the old man image and I think it's working, I'm 26 and would have one of those! Currently have a tiguan r line and I like this Volvo a touch more!

markmd9 says:

it's a good car only if you can afford it

Alec Tang says:

I love Peter Griffin's new job at Whatcar! Good reviews.

Adam Long says:

Mate…slow down. Content good, just feels rushed

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