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2018 VW up! GTI (115hp) – 0-100 km/h acceleration (60FPS)

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Acceleration tests with the all-new 2018 Volkswagen up! GTI delivering 115 hp and 220 Nm of torque out of a 1.0 3 Cylinder TSI (total weight: 1.020 kg). Of course this isn’t comparable with the recent Golf 7 GTI with there strong 2.0 TSIs but its a decent small car which lives up to the general GTI spirit (powerful and light) and will also will make sense on German Autobahns & Countryroads! Especially the 3-Cylinder sound makes this something special and significantly different to the other 4-Cylinder TSIs. Considering the GTI only being a small price increase over a regular and well equipped VW up! you should definitely consider testing one! Please stay tuned for more footage of this GTI airing soon also on FB & Insta. Cheers.
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Leø says:

Without ESP, you could get a slight better result, but I'd never buy an UP GTI 😀

Bruno De Figueiredo says:

gloves? really? xDDDDD

M M says:

Need to see more

Dominik Fandl says:

Dafür is der motor bei ca 40.000km hinüber. Hat man schon bei bmw gesehen. 3 zylinder und 1 Liter hubraum. Da Lob ich mir meinen 2.7 V6 Hyundai.

Piaru says:

The new Swift sport will completely overshadow the VW in this price range. Less weight, more power, more space etc.

Bartek Schacht says:

Racing Gloves…..uuuuuhhh??

Latvietis96 says:

fake engine noise?

MGamer 03 says:

Hört sich von außen an wie ein E-Auto

volkswizard says:

Great video, thank you. I have made a video of the Up! GTI being test driven in the UK. https://youtu.be/WN5i7bXy804 If you want to add your video link to my comments then please do so so we can both get more hits!

Mariusz Pudzianowski says:

wow thats a hidious shitbox lol

AutohausROSIER says:

beachtliche Fahrleistungen für einen 3-Zylinder

TurboDifferent says:

Sounds like a vr6 (:

MK Automotive says:


Greetings from autobahn POV videos 🙂

gambino888 says:

a 3 cylinder GTI….LOL Get the fuck out of here! Shame on you VW

Badrstech says:

Can you please make a top speed test on the Autobahn as well? That would be brilliant! 😀

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