2019 BMW M5 Competition vs. Dodge Demon TRACK TEST // Drag Race, Drifting, Lap Times

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On this episode of ONE TRACK MIND, Thomas and Colin pit the new BMW M5 Competition against the Dodge Demon in a drag race and on the track. – Many tires were harmed in the making of this film-


Colin’s Lap Data!

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Zino says:

I don’t understand why the m5 is better the demon has more hp

Fatma Fatma says:

Nice bmv😍😍😍

Family Matthews says:

he said dont read a comment right when i was about to read a comment

ROY CE says:

Bmw 🔥❤️

I'M KING says:

Hellcat 👎💩 (BMW 🇩🇪💪


It's hard to admit that M5 is faster, quicker, and better. I love Dodge Demon, but it's sad to admit that my favorite car is beaten by a 4 door and less powerful car that not built for drag race (German Engineering). Well maybe Dodge will beat the bmw if they racing in drag track and the dodge use all of the things in the demon crate (skinny front tires, drag ecu, drag air intake, etc) but still I don't know what will happen. Well great job BMW. Love your M series too

SK Nails says:

Yes M5 is fast and it can won, but Demon will make u laugh and cry out of joy at the same time, thats somthing M5 cant deliver.

Maluks D says:

"Demon has too much power " Power is nothing without control.

HEXAN2015 says:

Demon: crazy american fun even on tracks
M5 Comp: reserved high end and OCD

Moza Satchell says:

Damn! Sooo much hate on Dodge here in these comments

W H says:



That Canadian muscle car is only good for looks! lol Yes ALL Chargers and Challengers are MADE IN CANADA not the USA!


That right there is the German's muscle car!

Grandma Gertrude says:

I'd take the Demon cuz supercharger go weeeeeeeeee

Ahmad Mamand says:

The heart says:M5
The brain says:M5
The life says :M5

Christophe Proulx says:

Brooo i does not even did launch contrôle and a burnout with the demon common

Richard Němec says:

I think demon is faster bmw have 0-60 3,2 and demon 2,3 its weird if bmw wins

J_ Fuel999 says:

dude i was waiting for the drag unless i was sleep through that part of the video

Roman Rivera says:

Chrysler and Dodge just make poorly built automobiles.

Rick Carr says:

Are you guys gonna be able to get ahold of a 2021 Trans Am for testing.

Asim Durakovic says:

Power without traction is useless! Also, walking away on roll race in not half a car length; M5 had several car lengths each time on a standing race! M5 any day!

GLI MK7 says:

M5 over it all day of the month

Дабрыня Лиманский says:

BMW просто красиво и уууу✊✊✊✊

Дабрыня Лиманский says:

BMW просто красиво и уууу✊✊✊✊

Ludwig Lynus Lagman says:

Dislikes are mostly dodge fans or mostly americans

manoftruth says:

Totally awesome car

Eren Yeager says:

Even if the m5 was slower i’d rather have an interior that’s not the same as a prius

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