2019 Ford Mustang GT (450hp) – pure SOUND (60FPS)

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Pure Exhaust SOUND footage an all 6 exhaust mode sounds of the new 2018 / 2019 Ford Mustang GT (Convertible) powered by the well-known 5.0 V8 delivering 450 hp / 530 Nm through a 10-speed! auto. The interesting part about this new Mustang is the active exhaust system, especially the “quiet start”, but also the “Track” mode on the opposite side. A big thank you goes to Oscar from Sweden who was capturing these shots for us. If you enjoy watching those clips please don’t hesitate to also join us on Instagram & Facebook.
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cam says:

Im glad I could hear the car at 60 fps.

Omar Alvarez says:

I was gonna like until I saw it was an automatic

RUS38 says:

It sounds very similar to c63 which is the best v8 sound I’ve heard to date. Do you have any details on what mufflers it has?

TSAR says:

What exhaust is it?

Dingo Kis says:

Mustang in quiet mode sound more aggressive than any European car in track mode
[sad European tears falling]

Kristen exol Pasistor says:

thats music to my ear love it

Crismorris888 GD says:


Kian Perret says:

Hoooooooo that sound

Archit Kaushik says:

How common Mustang is in usa?

Patrick Kroell says:

Silly question – does anybody know whether the 2019MY V8 Mustang is fitted with OPF / GPF ? If it is then this sounds absolutely amazing!!!

Sr. Boi Olla says:

Sounds cute. This one sounds better:

King Isaac says:

1:25 perfect sound

Tom White says:

Ich habe mema auto export http://www.memaautoexp.com verwendet und alles war großartig. Ich empfehle. Ich brachte einen Mustang mit.

Mr. Macedon says:

Always wondered how is the feeling of driving expensive cars

Kumareqq says:

And that's a good ASMR

smahlt says:

Sounds good when you rev it, but it has no low end torque. I've test drove one. Hard pass.

Kaiz R says:

Love mustang ❤️

_ GRIZER _ says:

Manual gearxbox better for ponycars(

By'tl Solomon says:

Anyone here care to chat about an M6 … M8 maybe … how about an M3 …

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