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2019 Infiniti QX50 First Look: 5 Things You Need to Know

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VQ3713 says:

I believe this model will do well for what it offers. Not really performance oriented like the last gen but it’s still exciting to see. Yes, a CVT because most buyers on this won’t mind it.

Wade Higgins says:

The Lexus kills this

Greg Egan says:

The only thing I need to know is it has a Bose sound system, that crosses it off the list for me. If you want to be considered a luxury vehicle then DON'T use Bose junk.

nauticalone Ed says:

I was interested…until he said CVT

Tigerex966 says:

looks good but i hate drive by wire with no option to get connected steering, i trust the feel of real steering and my own inpouts over letting electronics take over both.
Infiniti give an option for traditional steering as for some this is a deal breaker if it is standard.

pincudan says:

you have the guts to says good things about a car that uses a cvt transmission?  get lost!

Kirk Moore says:

Nissan is still using those scrappy transmission

Frankie Xenon says:

26mpg combined? I wouldn't be surprised if Infiniti lied about their MPG

Rory Robinson says:

colony particular consensus beyond bishop somewhere expertise previous his.

Hennessy * says:

Would buy it if it was RWD and better wheels and cleaner infotainment …

ziggy Atl says:

You lost me at CVT.

Sam herreria says:

Where the hell is the CREW??? Where are my people at ?

Javierm0n0 says:

Drive by wire ?

Dustin Morris says:

A CVT… Seriously? This vehicle will now be called the "dead fish"

chigasaki06 says:

DAS is crap.  They should get rid of it.

earthcry says:

design cues borrowed from mazda kodo

General Mint says:

Simply beautiful. Has a bit of a mazda feel tho… which i think will change due to their new chief designer. Who was assigned this year July

Lamar Battle says:

It's ugly.

arodri313 says:

nice fro bro!

Steve Oswald says:

I get where they're going with the drive-by-wire thing. But, it concerns the crap out of me…what if something goes wrong and then you can't steer?

JUMP23MΔN says:

CVT… The fuck!?

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