2019 W Motors' Fenyr SuperSport Exhaust Sounds | 780HP RUF 3.8 Twin Turbo Flat-Six Engine

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● In today’s video you’ll see the W Motors Fenyr SuperSport. This is a limited edition Supercar with a production run of only 100 cars. Under the hood you will find a 3.8 liter twin turbo flat-six engine by RUF Automobile, producing 780 horsepower!

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babayaga the boogeyman penus says:

So much unnecessary hate. People looking to buy a multi-million dollar car arent looking for performance stats, and its till a good looking car nonetheless.

Лёха says:


z33_SA says:

What is the price of this car ?

Ahmad Fajrian says:

Beast.. 🔥🔥🔥👍

House Of Lennard says:

Just buy a Porsche Turbo S…. save yourself a fortune and its a better car!

GeomighTNYC says:

hope they sell rear bumpers for the C8 , they'd make more way more business than this suped up Toyota camry

Vinnoudii says:

I really deeply think that this whole company is just for money laundering. You can’t tell me they actually sell a lot of those.

Sandro Sobreira says:

Nice Porsche, ops Fenyr

Vartazian360 says:

Feels like the car should be 'squished' down a bit more..it seems to tall to me.

Baron Ghede says:

What a hideous piece of junk.

staffa says:

no matter how much it costs, it doesn't look pretty… i'd take a huracan performante every day

Blvck.Dahlia says:

Engine sounds so weak, and the body is overdone. They were trying too hard with all those lines

Stark Raven says:

It looks like an origami factory exploded. Incredibly busy, straight lines everywhere, I'm not sure I'm enamored with the look.

mcc4m1sh says:

Lexus LFA rear and McLaren front

Ouchwitz Summer Camp says:

Its what the Nsx should have been

The WebheadGT. says:

Looks like a kid's toy but larger.

toufik lebcir algeria says:

Fantastic car

Feetus Deletus says:

This is why Arabs shouldn't make cars. What a piece of crap for that much money.

олег карпетов says:

первый авто-москвич 2141 ай

Tyler Mounce says:

It looks like it's had some bodywork done. It doesn't look standard at all.

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