2020 Bentley Flying Spur First Drive Review! – Better Than A Rolls Royce Ghost?

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YESTERDAYS VIDEO! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hftjqKjUWtQ

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2020 Bentley Flying Spur First Drive Review! – Better Than A Rolls Royce Ghost?


Augustine Lewis says:

Amazing review man… Really good job. Love your skills.

Sparkyy says:

Awesome I like that green

RUSHIKESH Thorat says:

While telling about any particular feature/part should be showing that thing with closeup

Tt55 K says:

This was you at your best , what happened to you brudha , crazy vampire BS , get it together .

sathak hathim says:

Anyone: breathes
Parker: stunning

chirag somaraj says:

Souped up A8?

John Adams says:

What if the driver wants to see the gauges but also needs the GPS screen at the same time?

fatboy269 says:

If I get on I'm gonna try to put tacko fall in the trunk

Ronald K. Wiley Jr. says:


Edward Bromfield says:

dream daily

Caesar Skiba says:

talks like the weatherman or news anchor.

BigDutchKingTut says:

@3:06 this fool say "stunning" one more time, and I'm done.

Saad Hussain says:

I❤ this car and dark green colour

Kendric Jackson says:

Rolls Royce has left the chat.

Bader Albahrani says:

Please carwow share the engine specifications & overall compare the bentley flying spur with the Maybach's first SUL and Maserati Quattroporte by clarifying with full details of manufacturer and the number of customers around the world.

Sean Foster says:

This guy really just said "Gobbles of torque " Lmaoo

Your Typical Average Asian Guy says:

Take a shot everytime he says stunning

Your Typical Average Asian Guy says:

How much sugar-free RedBull does this Flying-Spur take?

BeCaUsE rEd BuLl GiVeS yOu WiNgS

Andreas S. says:

This guy is……. stunning!

Your Typical Average Asian Guy says:

Volkswagen Flying Spur

Rich says:

Pretty good review, a few more interior shots would be good, enthusiastically presented- really good!!!

heart less says:

it's a stunning video !

Greg Schuh says:

I honestly can not get enough of this automobile.

D J says:

Better than rolls

Wade Cahill says:

Most beautiful car in the world

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