2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody Review 0-60 in 2.5 secs

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2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody does a 0-60 in 2.55 seconds! This car is bonkers, it is insane, it is the hulk and a true cat from hell. It features a 797 horsepower V8 that is coupled to a 2.7 litre SUPERCHARGER. The same supercharger that is found on the rare production Dodge Demon. Forget spending hundreds of thousands to have a car perform like a supercar, this american muscle can outperform most supers and even hypercars when it comes to straight line speed. Sit back and enjoy listening to that supercharger whine its way through the streets of California.


Starring Lecha Khouri at Supercar Advocates
Cameraman 1: Simon Rahme at Supercar Advocates
Edited by Daniel Gundling at Supercar Advocates
Filmed on location in Malibu California USA

🎵 Track Info:
Animals – Bassboosterz

**The Hellcat used in this production is a manufacturers car and not our personal car. They leave the front yellow splitter cover for protection**


علي عبدالزهره says:

Do you know that Iraq loves you so much, or even for good luck?🇮🇶🤍💚

Alaa Jradi says:

If only they were affordable here in Australia

Andre Shepherd says:

Mann I want one

Stelzer 7 says:

Hi Mate, How do you get one over here in Australia? Is it cheaper to import one or what? Cheers

Mohammad says:

Summary of the review “BONKERS!!”

David Merriman says:

You want our Hellcat, we want your BEAUTIFUL native snakes (at least I do) but can't have them. Governments piss me off… Oh no, we can't deal with Australia, but let's give our entire country away to China.

Hudson Moore says:

Customer: So what’s the miles per gallon?

Dealer: Do you mean gallons per mile?

Lil Jesus says:

Name a better duo
Dodge hellcat redeye = gas station

L. A says:

This is a 2019 NOT the 2020!

Matthew Mason says:

They saved the hp for the super stock😂🤷🏾‍♂️

Clayton Walker says:

Engineer:”so how much horsepower do you wa…”

ToxicJaSheem says:

0-60 is 3.7*

DarkSwede21 says:

Let me tell you, how many times he said that.

Pasqualino Versace says:

Beautiful car.. my dream car. I have 300c hemi v8 and 300c v6 but i want one of these one day.😁👌🙏

Alyssa Bennett says:

Um… You didn't blur out the rego plates

Hannah Meers says:

Dodge please come to Australia you are wanted i want the 2020 CHALLENGER SRT® HELLCAT REDEYE or DODGE CHALLENGER SRT DEMON they are my dream car

Machiwoomiapoo says:

I have the 2018 T/A Plus V8 R/T with about 367 HP. Should I upgrade to this? I love the green/black paint job and hood pins on mine, so I may just end up keeping it instead. I love that Hellcat sound though! 🙂 Thanks for the video! Take care, Sam.

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